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Representitive: Yutaro Kyono

IoT platform for Molecular Biology

In biology experiments, the risk of human caused errors and failures always exist due to the long experimental period and complex precedures. To mitigate this problem, automation approach have been conducted but the access to the technology is limited because of the high cost. MOLCURE aims to achieve the automation of biological experiments through low-price open source hardware series and software platform which is projected to increase the efficiency of the experiments.


Key robot “Akerun”

Representitive:Kodai Kawase

Akerun – Smart Device for Automatic Key Lock Control

It is very troublesome to open doors with keys that are in your pocket or purse when your hands are already full carrying things. Akerun the key robot is a smart device which is connected to your smarthphone via bluetooth. It acts as a key that will make opening and locking doors easier. By attaching Akerun on the existing thumb-turn key, it will open the lock automatically without the need of any construction.



Representitive:Naoto Yamamoto

Project PILE

PILE Project is an educational system which consisted of a tablet application and robot which utilizes sensor network, designed to teach programming to those who have troubles learning IT related subjects. Furthermore, the price is of only a few thousand yen is very affordable for many elementary and junior high school students. We wish that using this an an educational tool will help spread the IT education amongst them.


Control Engineering Lab

Representitive:Masafumi Miwa

Flying Personal Mobility

Have you ever dreamed of flying with a multirotor machine that is controlled only by your balance? Control Engineering Lab had already completed the concept test experiments where we successfully flown a small scale quadrocopter which is controlled by manipulating the balance of a small humanoid robot that rides on it.The next step is to make a full size, flying segway-like vehicle. This new concept vehicle can be used not only in leisure but also in disaster-relief or logistics in remote area.


Empathy for Animals

Representitive:George Yamaguchi


“Empathy for Animals” focuses on the issue of losing your beloved pet. Almost every pet owner have an experience with this and according to a survey, one-third of pet owner in US suffer severe pet loss. To help solve this problem, our team have made a communication supporting gadget which we named Inu-pathy. Inu-pathy is a device which can detect a dog's heartbeat and convert it into signals understandable for human. Currently, Inu-pathy is a sensor that monitors the pet from outside of the its body but in the future, our aim is to monitor every biological information so that we can emphatise with our beloved pet.



Representitive:Shin Akutsu

Make Things and Talents from Material Science

Single crystals consisted of atoms aligned in continously without any defects. Demand of this material in industries such as semiconductors are massive but creating protypes using existing method requires time, technology and cost. Therefore, AKT Lab had developed a new way to manufacture single crystals called AKT Advanced Pedestal System which is aimed to solve all problems arised from the existing method. Trial and error can be conducted without any difficulties and we hope to not only accelerate the field of material science but also increase the potential and the numbers of material scientist with our technology.

ex Haikaing-Star

Haikai-ng Star

Representitive:Yuya Kikukawa

Haikai-ng Star

Haikai-ng Star is a group of researchers, creators and care workers collaborating to solve ”haikai” or wandering particularly amongst the elderly. What makes this condition severe is that it is hard to distinguish wandering from a stroll. We aim to develop a wearable interface which are shoes equipped with a GPS function and communication device that can control the lights on the shoes. We hope that this technology will help to reduce the concerns of the family and also help in the communication with a wandered elderly.

After Grand prix, this team released LED lighted smart shoes “Orphe”. They raised more than $70,000 at Indiegogo.



Representitive:Syunya Hirose


U-MAKER proposes new platform called “eForce” for toys , using myoelectric sensor and communication system. Currently, toys are independent of each other and relates little with other toys which makes us get bored of them easily. Hence, we proposes to connect toys with eForce network and provide new kinds of interaction with toys. eForce converts toys into wearable muscle detection devices and has the ability to send its signal to other eForce-linked external devices. This interface will provide a new way to enjoy any toys.

Sixth Sense

Sixth sense

Representitive:Takehiko Tomiyama

Sixth sense

The functionality of the sensors in current market is very limited. Hence, we want to revolutionize the market by creating a flexible sensor board that we can modify according to the functionality that we want. Our plan is to first make a core device with the typical and essential functions and move on by expanding and updating the device with additional functions. We expect to incorporate all IoT devices into this pinky sized sensor board.

Man Machine Synergy Effectors

Man-Machine Synergy Effectors Inc.

Representitive:Katsuya Kanaoka

Man Machine Synergy Effectors – Anthropomorphic Robotic Tools based on Hybrid Aproach

Man Machine Synegy Effectors' ultimate goal is to make physical burden unnecessary with the development of power enhancing master slave system for next generation human manipulated robot. The robot is integrated with an immersive head mount display and a smooth original manipulating system to make the user feel unified with the slave robot and intuitively control it.