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A Global Science & Accelerator Competition

by Leave a Nest



  • TECH PLANTER is an acceleration and pitch competition focused on early stage startups and pre-startup researchers’ team in Robotics, IoT, Hardware, Biotech, Healthcare, Food and Agriculture and more real technologies.


  • To provide startups with fundraising and market expansion opportunities in Asia, especially in Japan.
  • Winners receive a trip to Singapore or Japan to pursue angel investment and corporate partnerships.

Application FAQs (link to step 2 of application process)

Apply to TECH PLANTER program in 2018

Find the right city for you.

DEMO DAY: NOV 10th, 2018
Place: San Francisco, USA
Application deadline date: Oct 26 th (Fri).
Details & Registration is here

DEMO DAY: OCT 6th, 2018
Place: Boston, USA
Application deadline date: Sept 15th
Details & Registration is here

DEMO DAY: OCT 27th, 2018
Place: London, UK
Application deadline date: Oct 5th
Details & Registration is here

DEMO DAY: MAY 12th 2018
Place: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Application deadline date: MARCH 30th, 2018
Details & Registration is here

DEMO DAY: MAY 26th 2018
Place: Manila, the Philippines
Application deadline date: APRIL 21st, 2018
Details & Registration is here

DEMO DAY: JULY 21st 2018
Place: Singapore
Application Deadline: JUNE 22nd, 2018
Details & Registration is here




Advancing Science and Technology for Global Happiness

What We Do

Identify and nurture venture companies that leveraged science and technology for innovative businesses in Agriculture, Biotechnology and Manufacturing areas

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