TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in Vietnam 2022

Discovering and nurturing Real Tech seeds
and entrepreneurs in Vietnam
At universities, research institutes, and corporate laboratories, the "seeds" of science and technology are being born, and it takes a lot of time and effort before they sprout into practical applications. The "TECH PLANTER" organized by Leave a Nest with its partner companies is an ecosystem that aims to discover these seeds and serve as a planter to turn them into businesses. Our program in VIETNAM aimed at discovering and nurturing Real Tech seeds and entrepreneurs.
  • Early stage startups and pre-startup researchers’ team or individual in Real Tech Field
  • Mature startups or SMEs seeking collaborators are also welcome, even if they are close to mass production or PMF establishment.
  • Visionaries that aim to change the world and/or their own country to a better place based on the science and tech based seeds
  • Those who are interested in the Japanese market or collaboration with Japanese corporations.
Categories of the TECH
Manufacturing, robotics, IoT, AI, agri-tech, bio-tech, healthcare, med-tech, food-tech, care-tech, marine-tech, ecotech, and etc.
Application Period
2021/12/21 (Tue)~2022/5/13 (Fri)
Judging Criteria
A panel of judges consisting of Leave a Nest and its partners will evaluate each of the following items.
  1. 01NOVELTY
  3. 03IMPACT TO
  4. 04PASSION
The Winner: 3,000 SGD
Corporate Awards: 2,000 SGD (Several of them)
Global Partners
Local Partners
  1. ASSET01Leave a Nest Communicator
  2. ASSET02Japanese Partner Companies
  3. ASSET03Local Partners
  4. ASSET04Super Factory Group
  1. SUPPORT01Organizing the vision your business
  2. SUPPORT02Brushing up your presentation
  3. SUPPORT03Opportunities for collaboration with Japanese corporates
  4. SUPPORT04Support for R&D and prototype development
  5. SUPPORT05Support for Knowledge and IP Strategies
  6. SUPPORT06Investment and support for finance
Name of the DEMO DAY
TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in Vietnam 2022
Date & Time
2022/7/9 (Sat)13:00-18:00 in Vietnam Time
Application Period
2021/12/21 (Tue)~2022/5/13 (Fri)
Eligible Participants
Closed, pre-registration required (finalists, partner companies, local supporters)
Leave a Nest
@Vietnam Time
Opening Ceremony
Finalist Prensetions
Judging, Lightning talks & Panel
Awards & Closing
  • Dr. Yuko Ueno
    Director, Leave a Nest Philippines, Inc., and Leave a Nest Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
    Dr. Yuko Ueno
    Dr. Yuko Ueno received her Ph.D in Ocean microbiology and joined Leave a Nest in 2013. She has experience in creating new projects by encouraging collaboration between academia and industry as a Science Bridge Communicator. With the experience of tech-startup accelerator, she is bridging Japanese tech startups to global tech-startup platform to interconnect the technology and social issues.
  • Dr. Nie Yuntong
    Manager, Mitsui Chemicals Singapore R&D Centre, Pte. Ltd.
    Dr. Nie Yuntong
    Dr. Nie received her PhD in Chemistry at National University of Singapore. She has over 10 years work experience in the chemical industry and is currently Manager in the Research Division in Mitsui Chemicals Singapore R&D Centre (MS-R&D). Mitsui Chemicals Inc. is one of the diversified companies in Japan and providing a wide variety of chemicals and polymers globally. Mission of MS-R&D is to develop new business from Asia Pacific. We are looking for new business opportunities making best use of open innovation in connection with Mitsui Chemicals’ proprietary technologies.
  • Mr. Takehiro Kawahatsu
    Manager of Global Business Division, BIPROGY Inc.
    Mr. Takehiro Kawahatsu
    Since his joining BIPROGY Inc. in 2003, he has engaged in system development in SAP ERP system specializing retail and distribution.
    From 2014, he joined USOL Vietnam Co., Ltd., a group company of BIPROGY Inc. in Vietnam, to support for offshore development projects performed in Vietnam.
    After his returning to BIPROGY Inc., he is in charge of business in South East Asia, especially, as a part of global business team.
  • Mr. Shunsuke Shinoda
    Director, Rohto – Mentholatum Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Nepal
    Mr. Shunsuke Shinoda
    Shunsuke has started its career from R&D to develop novel materials for cosmetics and functional foods. After several years of experience in the R & D field he had shifted its speciality to the marketing sector to launch varieties of products, also in charge of developing business in emerging countries at the same time. On Y2012 he moved his station to Vietnam and established many types of business such as distribution, e-commerce, aesthetic dermatology clinic, eye hospital, restaurant and etc. in 7 countries over 10 years. Besides that, he has founded manufacturing companies for medicine and cosmetics in Myanmar, Cambodia and Nepal.
    His motto is “Nothing ventured, Nothing gained” and seeks the next challenge always to create a bright future.
  • Mr. Daiki Kumamoto
    Global Fund Manager, Real Tech Holdings Co., Ltd.
    Mr. Daiki Kumamoto
    Daiki is the youngest capitalist of the deep-tech startup ecosystem in Japan and is the growth manager of Real Tech Fund, the No.1 VC in Japan focusing on deep-tech / real-tech startups.
    He is specialized in supporting startups, especially that bring solutions to care / welfare and is also the head for global strategy.
    Before joining Real Tech, he was the president of the largest NPO in Japan that commits in supporting young entrepreneurs globally. He graduated from Keio SFC University with a bachelor in management.
  • Mr. Hussein Bin Sulaiman
    Program Head, BLOCK71 Indonesia & Vietnam
    Mr. Hussein Bin Sulaiman
    Since graduating from NUS in 2012, Hussein had entrenched himself in the local startup scene, by joining BeMyGuest.Travel (2012), LAZADA Singapore (2014) and Zilingo (2016). Zilingo aside, he was among the pioneers of the respective companies since their inception. Bitten by the startup bug, Hussein now continues contributing to the scene via BLOCK71 Indonesia, as the Programme Head, spearheading several initiatives and guiding startups both locally and in the region.
  • Ms. Ana Le My Nga
    Founder & CEO, Hermes Management Group
    Ms. Ana Le My Nga
    Ms. Ana Le My Nga is the founder of the Hermes Management Group, an angel investment fund provider which also provides mentoring services to startups. She is an international mentor and coach and also the author of the book series “Chat with Startups - From Idea to Fundraising”. She holds various bachelor degrees including the Bachelor of Medical - Nurse, the Bachelor of English Language majoring in Business English at Ho Chi Minh University of Technology, and the Bachelor of International Economics at the Hanoi Foreign Trade University. She then proceeded to acquire her Master of Business Administration at the University of Malaysia right after. Since 2017 until the present time, she does various activities such as being a startup advisor, a judge, or a speaker at various events of universities and incubators including the Hack4Growth, Project Runway, FLAGUP, and Hult Prize.
  • Ms. Minh Nguyen Dang Tuan
    CEO & Co-Founder, KisStartup Innovation Consulting, Coaching, Mentoring
    Ms. Minh Nguyen Dang Tuan
    Nguyen Dang Tuan Minh (Ms.) is the founder of KisStartup Innovation Consulting, Coaching, Mentoring. Minh is among 16 women leaders from 13 countries in the world selected to join Fortune - U.S. Department of State Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership in 2018. She is one of 12 Innovation Coaches certified by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland. With 15 years of experience working and researching in entrepreneurship, business development, management and digital enterprise management and startup; 5 years of experience in teaching in English of e-business, innovation & entrepreneurship, Minh also contributes to the innovation community by both intensive innovation coaching, mentoring and researching. Minh serves as the Manager of SME Mentoring 1:1 in Hanoi. Minh is also an author of the book “Innovation & Entrepreneurship – Mindset and Tools”. She serves as Head of Investment Matching Department at Techfest 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2020.
  • Ms. Michelle Ng
    Head, Environmental, Social & Governance, Quest Ventures
    Ms. Michelle Ng
    Michelle has a BBA from Nanyang Technological University. She works closely with startups to accelerate their growth through a combination of incubation services and programmes. She is also responsible for key markets in Southeast Asia and emerging Asia.
    Prior to this, Michelle was responsible for international startup ecosystem networks at the Action Community for Entrepreneurship - Singapore's national entrepreneurship ecosystem builder - where she engaged startup communities in North Asia and Southeast Asia with market access and regional innovation initiatives, and in so doing anchored Singapore as Asia's hub for entrepreneurship.
    Michelle is a key office bearer at the People's Association Youth Network of Singapore, a grassroots organisation for community engagement; and Social Impact Catalyst, the largest non-profit organisation for young social entrepreneurs in Singapore.
  • Rostek
    Autonomous Mobile Robots, Spatial Intelligence, Optimal Motion Control.

    Autonomous Mobile Robots, Spatial Intelligence, Optimal Motion Control.

  • Apicoo Robotics
    A gripper for collaborative robots

    A gripper for collaborative robots

  • Air City
    Smart City. API-first platform combining IoT/AI devices to empower property managers

    Smart City. API-first platform combining IoT/AI devices to empower property managers

    Tenergy (standing for TENG and Energy). Transfer a significant amount of plastic waste into valuable electrical energy

    Tenergy (standing for TENG and Energy). Transfer a significant amount of plastic waste into valuable electrical energy

  • ECSaigon
    Utilization of electrocoagulation for Pangasius processing, wastewater treatment, and nutrient recovery

    Utilization of electrocoagulation for Pangasius processing, wastewater treatment, and nutrient recovery

  • ChicSafe
    Application of Nano Chitosan grafted neem oil in Pineapple Fiber

    Application of Nano Chitosan grafted neem oil in Pineapple Fiber

  • AAG
    Activated algae granule

    Activated algae granule

  • Sea Shell Paper
    Paper which was made from sea shell

    Paper which was made from sea shell

  • Cor.Metrix
    Rapid semi-quantification of Salivary Cortisol for point-of-care stress diagnosis

    Rapid semi-quantification of Salivary Cortisol for point-of-care stress diagnosis

are closed