TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in Vietnam 2023

Discovering and nurturing Real Tech seeds
and entrepreneurs in Vietnam
At universities, research institutes, and corporate laboratories, the "seeds" of science and technology are being born, and it takes a lot of time and effort before they sprout into practical applications. The "TECH PLANTER" organized by Leave a Nest with its partner companies is an ecosystem that aims to discover these seeds and serve as a planter to turn them into businesses. Our program in VIETNAM aimed at discovering and nurturing Real Tech seeds and entrepreneurs.
  • Early stage startups and pre-startup researchers’ team or individual in Real Tech Field
  • Mature startups or SMEs seeking collaborators are also welcome, even if they are close to mass production or PMF establishment.
  • Visionaries that aim to change the world and/or their own country to a better place based on the science and tech based seeds
  • Those who are interested in the Japanese market or collaboration with Japanese corporations.
Categories of the TECH
Manufacturing, robotics, IoT, AI, agri-tech, bio-tech, healthcare, med-tech, food-tech, care-tech, marine-tech, ecotech, and etc.
Application Period
2023/1/13 (Fri)~2023/5/5 (Fri)
Judging Criteria
A panel of judges consisting of Leave a Nest and its partners will evaluate each of the following items.
  1. 01NOVELTY
  3. 03IMPACT TO
  4. 04PASSION
Grand Winner
Corporate Awards
Global Partners
Local Partners
  1. ASSET01Leave a Nest Communicator
  2. ASSET02Japanese Partner Companies
  3. ASSET03Local Partners
  4. ASSET04Super Factory Group
  1. SUPPORT01Organizing the vision your business
  2. SUPPORT02Brushing up your presentation
  3. SUPPORT03Opportunities for collaboration with Japanese corporates
  4. SUPPORT04Support for R&D and prototype development
  5. SUPPORT05Support for Knowledge and IP Strategies
  6. SUPPORT06Investment and support for finance
Name of the DEMO DAY
TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in Vietnam 2023
CirCO Hoang Dieu, 1st Floor, Chung cư H3, 384 Đ. Hoàng Diệu, Phường 6, Quận 4, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
Date & Time
2023/7/8 (Sat)13:00-18:00 in Vietnam Time
Application Period
2023/1/13 (Fri)~2023/5/5 (Fri)
Eligible Participants
Closed, pre-registration required (finalists, partner companies, local supporters)
Leave a Nest
@Vietnam Time
Opening Ceremony
Finalist Presentations
Judging, Lightning talks & Panel
Awards & Closing
  • Ms. Ronezza Delos Santos
    Director, Leave a Nest Philippines, Inc.
    Ms. Ronezza Delos Santos
    Ronezza “Ezza” Delos Santos is a licensed Chemical Engineer who graduated from the University of the Philippines Diliman. After taking an internship for Leave a Nest’s TECH PLANTER in the Philippines 2021, she took the challenge to be one of the pioneer members of Leave a Nest’s Philippine subsidiary. She is committed to help unleash the potential of the Philippines and Filipinos in science and technology for the advancement of the country, and in March 2023, she became a Director of Leave a Nest Philippines. As part of the Leave a Nest Group, she is also excited in manufacturing new knowledge by communicating and collaborating with passionate researchers and startups from other countries in Southeast Asia such as Vietnam.
  • Mr. Imamichi Masahiro
    General Director, USOL Vietnam Co., Ltd.
    Mr. Imamichi Masahiro
    After engaging in software development and operation of core systems of Japanese financial institutions, he expanded the application of US-made software to the Japanese market. Around the year 2000, he led a team and participated in work focused on architectural design of system development projects, contributing to the completion of over 100 projects for the BIPROGY group. Since around 2010, he has been in the research department of the BIPROGY group, promoting incubation of internal and external software technology through joint research and commercialization studies with various companies and organizations. Over the past few years, he has been reforming and expanding the offshore development organization and expanding business in Vietnam at a biprogy group company in Vietnam.
  • Mr. Daiki Kumamoto
    Growth Manager, Real Tech Holdings Singapore Pte Ltd.
    Mr. Daiki Kumamoto
    Daiki Kumamoto is the growth manager of Real Tech Fund as well as the leader of Global Fund, mainly investing into deep-tech startups in Southeast Asia. He invests in startups that bring solutions to care / welfare, serving as a director of aba; developing sensors for excretion detectors for elderly care. For investments in Southeast Asia, he is in charge of NDR Medical, Austrianova, Karana, ceEntek and many more. Before joining Real Tech in 2018, he was the president of the AIESEC, the largest NPO in Japan that commits in supporting young entrepreneurs globally. He graduated from Keio SFC University with a bachelor in management. Before joining Real Tech, he was the president of the largest NPO in Japan that commits in supporting young entrepreneurs globally. He graduated from Keio SFC University with a bachelor in management.
  • Mr. Koji Yamao
    Overseas Operations & Business Development, Kanamori Industries Co., Ltd.
    Mr. Koji Yamao
    Since 2010, Mr. Koji Yamao has been involved in overseas sales of a valve manufacturer, and in 2016, he established a local subsidiary of a printing trading company and manufacturer in Vietnam. Using these experiences, he engaged with a robot venture company from Kagawa University in 2019 to do overseas sales and business development in India and the Middle East. He was able to contribute to the sale of a cleaning robot for solar panels in a 400-MW powerplant in Dubai, UAE. He joined Kanamori Industries Co., Ltd., "Your Innovation Partner" in 2023, who is planning to expand to Vietnam in the near future.
  • Mr. Duy Bui
    Vice Director, Becamex Business Incubator
    Mr. Duy Bui
    Duy Bui is a Vice Director at Becamex Business Incubator with a strong passion for helping startups deliver innovative solutions and create value for the market. With over three years of experience specializing in startup consulting and entrepreneurship education, Duy is an active partner who embraces and supports new ventures. He focuses on developing an entrepreneurial mindset and ecosystem by providing infrastructure and academic guidance to startup companies. As an ex-Program Manager at BLOCK 71 Saigon, Duy has been able to use his experience to create a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem within the Becamex Business incubator. His contributions have earned recognition from the incubated members and the startup community at large.
  • Ms. Minh Nguyen Dang Tuan
    CEO & Co-Founder, KisStartup Innovation Consulting, Coaching, Mentoring
    Ms. Minh Nguyen Dang Tuan
    Nguyen Dang Tuan Minh (Ms.) is the founder of KisStartup Innovation Consulting, Coaching, Mentoring. Minh is among 16 women leaders from 13 countries in the world selected to join Fortune - U.S. Department of State Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership in 2018. She is one of 12 Innovation Coaches certified by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland. With 15 years of experience working and researching in entrepreneurship, business development, management and digital enterprise management and startup; 5 years of experience in teaching in English of e-business, innovation & entrepreneurship, Minh also contributes to the innovation community by both intensive innovation coaching, mentoring and researching. Minh serves as the Manager of SME Mentoring 1:1 in Hanoi. Minh is also an author of the book “Innovation & Entrepreneurship – Mindset and Tools”. She serves as Head of Investment Matching Department at Techfest 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2020. Since 2022, Minh has been taking charge of the Head of Corporate Innovation Village - TECHFEST.
  • Mr. Tevinder Singh
    Analyst, Quest Ventures
    Mr. Tevinder Singh
    Tevinder Singh is an Analyst at Quest Ventures, a top venture capital firm in Asia. He works closely with startups to accelerate their growth through a combination of acceleration services and programmes. He is also responsible for market access initiatives for key markets in Southeast Asia. Tevinder was previously with Pace Enterprise where he was responsible for commercial growth through customer analysis, sales forecasting, and planning. In addition, he worked on the development and implementation of sales strategies suitable for the company at its stage of growth. He attends startup events as a guest speaker and panelist. He is also a frequent host for international technology and startup delegations to Vietnam. Tevinder is a Quantitative Finance major from the National University of Singapore. For leisure, he enjoys football, poker and travelling.
  • Pantasia
    Tran Tri Nguyen
    Utilizing Green Technology In The Production Of Bacterial Cellulose Flour

    Utilizing Green Technology In The Production Of Bacterial Cellulose Flour

  • EcoMaterials for Environment Applications (EMEA)
    Pham Trung Kien
    EcoMaterials toward sustainable development

    EcoMaterials toward sustainable development

    Đinh Thanh Sơn
    Magnetic water cleanup

    Magnetic water cleanup

  • Alterno
    Hai Ho
    Thermal Energy Storage for Agriculture Drying

    Thermal Energy Storage for Agriculture Drying

  • Wind Energy
    Lai Ba At
    Comprehensively changing the wind energy industry from science foundation to wind turbine

    Comprehensively changing the wind energy industry from science foundation to wind turbine

  • Shoes
    Vu Ngoc Anh
    Shoes on Mud

    Shoes on Mud

  • Gopy CSR TECH
    Luan Le
    Make it Better

    Make it Better

  • WeavAir
    Natalia Mykhaylova
    AI Environmental System

    AI Environmental System

  • Vulcan Augmetics
    Rafael Masters
    Global data & distribution platform for assistive technology

    Global data & distribution platform for assistive technology

Team Theme Representative
KLab-BPs Nutrient recovery and biomass production through CO2 capture by dual microalgae and bacteria Quang-Huy Hoang
Silver Stars Antibacterial agent by using silver nanoparticles Le Tan Nhan Tu
BK Hand Rehab Game-based solution for Hand Rehabilitation using Hand Gesture Recognition Vo Ngoc Sang