TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in Thailand 2022

Discovering and nurturing Real Tech seeds
and entrepreneurs in Thailand
At universities, research institutes, and corporate laboratories, the "seeds" of science and technology are being born, and it takes a lot of time and effort before they sprout into practical applications. The "TECH PLANTER" organized by Leave a Nest with its partner companies is an ecosystem that aims to discover these seeds and serve as a planter to turn them into businesses. Our program in THAILAND aimed at discovering and nurturing Real Tech seeds and entrepreneurs.
  • Early stage startups and pre-startup researchers’ team or individual in Real Tech Field
  • Mature startups or SMEs seeking collaborators are also welcome, even if they are close to mass production or PMF establishment.
  • Visionaries that aim to change the world and/or their own country to a better place based on the science and tech based seeds
  • Those who are interested in the Japanese market or collaboration with Japanese corporations.
Categories of the TECH
Manufacturing, robotics, IoT, AI, agri-tech, bio-tech, healthcare, med-tech, food-tech, care-tech, marine-tech, ecotech, and etc.
Application Period
2021/12/21 (Tue)~2022/5/27 (Fri)
Judging Criteria
A panel of judges consisting of Leave a Nest and its partners will evaluate each of the following items.
  1. 01NOVELTY
  3. 03IMPACT TO
  4. 04PASSION
The Winner: 3,000 SGD
Corporate Awards: 2,000 SGD (Several of them)
Global Partners
Local Partners
  1. ASSET01Leave a Nest Communicator
  2. ASSET02Japanese Partner Companies
  3. ASSET03Local Partners
  4. ASSET04Super Factory Group
  1. SUPPORT01Organizing the vision your business
  2. SUPPORT02Brushing up your presentation
  3. SUPPORT03Opportunities for collaboration with Japanese corporates
  4. SUPPORT04Support for R&D and prototype development
  5. SUPPORT05Support for Knowledge and IP Strategies
  6. SUPPORT06Investment and support for finance
Name of the DEMO DAY
TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in Thailand 2022
Date & Time
2022/7/23 (Sat)12:00-17:00 in Thailand Time
Application Period
2021/12/21 (Tue)~2022/5/27 (Fri)
Eligible Participants
Closed, pre-registration required (finalists, partner companies, local supporters)
Leave a Nest
@Thailand Time
Opening Ceremony
Finalist Prensetions
Judging, Lightning talks & Panel
Awards & Closing
  • Dr. Kihoko Tokue
    Managing Director, Leave a Nest Singapore Pte. Ltd.
    Dr. Kihoko Tokue
    Dr. Tokue is the Managing Director of Leave a Nest Singapore and Founder of Leave a Nest Malaysia. She was born in Tokyo but raised in Southeast Asia, studied bachelor degree in America and then moved to Australia for Master and PhD degree carrying out field work. Currently she is creating platform in ASEAN to nurture the next generation innovators, startups involving business development partners from industry. Her dream is to one day bring changes to the world with advancement of science and technology with true understanding and appreciation for nature.
  • Dr. Anjali Shijo
    Senior Manager, Mitsui Chemicals Singapore R&D Centre, Pte. Ltd.
    Dr. Anjali Shijo
    The Mitsui Chemicals Group is constantly pursuing innovation and growth to be a chemical company with a strong global presence. Dr. Anjali has been part of the research group at Mitsui Chemicals Singapore R&D Centre since 2009, with special focus on value creation in the biotechnology arena. In line with Mitsui Chemicals’ vision of creating innovative products and services that are in harmony with the society and environment, she is scouting for new business opportunities from the Asia Pacific region using open innovation platforms and partnerships with start-ups, companies and research institutes.
  • Mr. Tomoyuki(Tom) Masuda
    Chief Specialist, Global Business, BIPROGY Inc.
    Mr. Tomoyuki(Tom) Masuda
    Tom Masuda is an international business consultant at BIPROGY Inc. where he has spent more than 15 years helping international enterprises and startups enter the Japanese market. Previously, Tom worked for 10 years as a systems engineer and project manager developing large-scale software applications for the telecom and financial service industries in Japan. He received an MBA in Information Systems from Pace University in New York City. He also pursued studies in computer science and economics at Columbia University and has a BA in Economics from Sophia University in Tokyo.
  • Ms. Risako Kawanaka
    Assistant Manager at Business Innovation & DX Strategy Div.,Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
    Ms. Risako Kawanaka
    Risako is engaged in the operation of "ME Innovation Fund", a CVC fund that can invest in startups around the world. While considering investment, she builds a framework of collaboration between the startup and business division of Mitsubishi Electric. Also, she supports PoC experiments in such collaborative activities.
    She was once deeply engaged in marketing of BtoB products in Japan and European markets. Also she had experience in launching a new product from scratch. This product evolved with cloud service and DX functions where she led the business development.
  • Mr. Norio Asahara
    Regional R&D Director, Ezaki Glico Co. Ltd.
    Mr. Norio Asahara
    Glico manufactures not only confectionery and ice cream, but also a wide range of food categories such as beverages, dairy products, processed foods and baby milk powder. Mr. ASAHARA is the director of research and development in Glico Asia Pacific. He is looking for new research partners as well as technical support, investment and opportunities for various collaborations such as buying of new ingredients. He is responsible for new business in Asia Pacific.
  • Mr. Daiki Kumamoto
    Growth Manager, Real Tech Holdings Singapore Pte Ltd.
    Mr. Daiki Kumamoto
    Daiki Kumamoto is the growth manager of Real Tech Fund as well as the leader of Global Fund, mainly investing into deep-tech startups in Southeast Asia. He invests in startups that bring solutions to care / welfare, serving as a director of aba; developing sensors for excretion detectors for elderly care. For investments in Southeast Asia, he is in charge of NDR Medical, Austrianova, Karana, ceEntek and many more. Before joining Real Tech in 2018, he was the president of the AIESEC, the largest NPO in Japan that commits in supporting young entrepreneurs globally. He graduated from Keio SFC University with a bachelor in management. Before joining Real Tech, he was the president of the largest NPO in Japan that commits in supporting young entrepreneurs globally. He graduated from Keio SFC University with a bachelor in management.
  • Ms. Tonghathai Kuvanont
    Managing Partner and Co-founder, Aimspire Co., Ltd.
    Ms. Tonghathai Kuvanont
    Khun Tonghathai is a Managing Partner and Co-founder of Aimspire, deep tech enthusiast venture building company. With 25 years of management experience in various industries at Fortune 500 companies – Healthcare, FMCG, Food, Retail, and Consumer Durable, Khun Tonghathai is passionate about her mission to be a “Catalyst for growth” for a game changing deep tech startups. Aimspire has been working with government agencies and big corporates on their growth journey to discover, collaborate, and invest in deep tech startups. The key sectors of interests are Agriculture, Food, Healthcare, and Clean Energy.
  • Mr. Patompong Leksomboon
    Business development manager, DuPont
    Mr. Patompong Leksomboon
    Patompong Leksomboon is a business development manager at DuPont. He specializes in corporate venture capital, innovation management, and startup incubation. After earning his MS in technology management (SCG Scholarship) from The University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign, Patompong spent a decade working on technology planning, scouting, and sourcing at Siam Cement Group (SCG). He has volunteered as a head of partnership and funding at SPRINT, Thailand’s first deep tech startup accelerator, and was a member of Houston Technology Center (Texas).
  • Dr. Tortrakul Wattanavorakijkul
    CEO, InnoSpace (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
    Dr. Tortrakul Wattanavorakijkul
    He is currently working as an acting CEO of InnoSpace (Thailand) which is a private company. The company works in a strong collaboration with government and academic partners to fulfil national aspirations to become a technology-driven country by supporting a startup that develops localised deep technologies to offer innovations and solutions. He has more than ten years of experience in energy technology and sustainable development from work and education.
  • Dr. Wanwipa Siriwatwechakul (Jeab)
    Head of Corporate Innovation University, RISE
    Dr. Wanwipa Siriwatwechakul (Jeab)
    Dr. Wanwipa (Jeab) received a chemical engineering degree from MIT, and Ph. D from Princeton University, USA. She received a prestigious King Scholarship from Royal Thai Government. She has more than 10 years of teaching experience at Thammasat University, and she has advised private corporations and public offices about research and technology development. Dr. Wanwipa participated in TechPlanter Thailand Demo Day 2019, and won the Mitsui Chemicals Awards. She is expertise in Bioconversion of waste water to high value products and Bio-Process development and Intrapreneurship and innovation ecosystem development.
  • Ms. Pat Subpa-asa
    Senior Manager in Corporate Strategy, THAI WAH
    Ms. Pat Subpa-asa
    Pat is a Senior Manager in Corporate Strategy at Thai Wah PCL - one of the leading agri-food company specialized in manufacturing tapioca starch, vermicelli and noodle products based in Bangkok, Thailand. She handles oversight and development of corporate strategies to support core business growth and create innovation from Farm to Shelf. Before joining Thai Wah, Pat was an associate at McKinsey & Company focusing on strategy and transformation with top-tier companies across sectors in Southeast Asia. Prior to that she led start-up projects for Procter & Gamble Manufacturing and worked in financial services with Kasikornbank in their SME banking team. Pat holds a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand and an MBA from INSEAD in Singapore.
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