We work together with people who wants to change the world or implement the technology for global happiness

Business plan contest as an entrance, we will create a support system by gathering members who loves tech and can sympathize with the concept

  • TECH PLANTER is an initiative targeted to individuals or teams before incorporation phase, to discover and nurture business seeds in the Real-Tech field
  • We will provide support for the throughout the year without setting fixed period. In the world, we conduct business plan contests in 9 countries and we make this as a window to accept applications.
  • Leave a Nest's communicators will be there for each team and provide support for collaboration for R&D, investment opportunities and partnership with large corporates.

We conduct “TECH PLAN Demo Day” a showcase event for Deep-tech startups comprised from selected presenter,s decision maker level judges from large corporates with awards. In 2019 we open the Demo Day in 8 countries! Winners can get tickets to travel to Singapore or Japan for another larger conference to attend to search around R&D collaboration and investments.

Individuals before incorporation may also apply (University students or side job is also ok)

We focus on areas that requires physical development and yet solves social issues around the world. Such as Agri, Bio, Engineering and so on.

Is my technology feasible to TECH PLANTER’s focus?

We will be able to judge that through points listed below:

  • Is there a Leave a Nest communicator who can sympathise
  • Is is just following the trend?
  • Is it something new that no one is working on? or something that more people are working on?
  • Is it field that no one thinks that it will become a business or it was too expensive.
  • Is it something that you were pursuing since childhood?

I want to get opinions on my idea

There are 4 judging criteria

Novelty / Practicability / Whether it could bring about change to the world / Passion

Why it's these 4? Instead of looking at usual points such as “traction” or “finance” thats seen in normal business contest, we are focusing more on “Who we really can work with?” or “who may really change the world?”.

Why did we start TECH PLANTER? Because there weren’t enough support towards Real- Tech field.

Before starting TECH PLANTER in 2014, we visited Universities like Stanford, UCB and some of startups like Facebook and Evernote in Silicon Valley. We realised how human network is functioning in here. Through here we got to know about startup supporting organizations such as Plug and Play Tech Center. Through our visit we realized the principles for startups support in Real-tech area were still immature. This why we wanted to focus on Real-tech field (such as Bio, Agri and etc) and support startups in these areas.

Beyond organization. Need to create ecosystem to support Real-Tech startups.

When nurturing startups they will need support from wide range of areas. They will need support from Universities, Large corporates, VCs and even Government agencies too. It is vital to create an ecosystem where these key players support these Real-tech startups in sustainable way. Hence we aim to create this.

Since we have background aforementioned above there are 3 goals that we would like to accomplish through TECH PLANTER

We change the way we look at numbers

IPO and incorporation is not what we aim for but number of technologies that have implemented to society.


Not to look for startups that fit to current trend but commit on the fact that this program is keep on creating entreprenur. Model where successful TECH PLANTER entrepreneur supporting the next cycle of entrepreneurs.

Not to compete

Sometimes startups are thought to destruct large corporates or large corporates as ones to bully startups. But No. We aim for coexistence of startups and large corporates. Them creating business that can change the world together.

I would like to hear more about the organizer's intention