TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in Indonesia 2022

Discovering and nurturing Real Tech seeds
and entrepreneurs in Indonesia
At universities, research institutes, and corporate laboratories, the "seeds" of science and technology are being born, and it takes a lot of time and effort before they sprout into practical applications. The "TECH PLANTER" organized by Leave a Nest with its partner companies is an ecosystem that aims to discover these seeds and serve as a planter to turn them into businesses. Our program in INDONESIA aimed at discovering and nurturing Real Tech seeds and entrepreneurs.
  • Early stage startups and pre-startup researchers’ team or individual in Real Tech Field
  • Mature startups or SMEs seeking collaborators are also welcome, even if they are close to mass production or PMF establishment.
  • Visionaries that aim to change the world and/or their own country to a better place based on the science and tech based seeds
  • Those who are interested in the Japanese market or collaboration with Japanese corporations.
Categories of the TECH
Manufacturing, robotics, IoT, AI, agri-tech, bio-tech, healthcare, med-tech, food-tech, care-tech, marine-tech, ecotech, and etc.
Application Period
2021/12/21 (Tue)~2022/3/25 (Fri)
Judging Criteria
A panel of judges consisting of Leave a Nest and its partners will evaluate each of the following items.
  1. 01NOVELTY
  3. 03IMPACT TO
  4. 04PASSION
The Winner: 3,000 SGD
Corporate Awards: 2,000 SGD (Several of them)
Global Partners
Local Partners
  1. ASSET01Leave a Nest Communicator
  2. ASSET02Japanese Partner Companies
  3. ASSET03Local Partners
  4. ASSET04Super Factory Group
  1. SUPPORT01Organizing the vision your business
  2. SUPPORT02Brushing up your presentation
  3. SUPPORT03Opportunities for collaboration with Japanese corporates
  4. SUPPORT04Support for R&D and prototype development
  5. SUPPORT05Support for Knowledge and IP Strategies
  6. SUPPORT06Investment and support for finance
Name of the DEMO DAY
TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in Indonesia 2022
Date & Time
2022/5/21 (Sat)09:30-14:30 in Indonesia Time
Application Period
2021/12/21 (Tue)~2022/3/25 (Fri)
Eligible Participants
Closed, pre-registration required (finalists, partner companies, local supporters)
Leave a Nest
@Indonesia Time
Opening Ceremony
Finalist Presentation
Judging, Lightning talks & Panel
Awards & Closing
  • Mr. Nur Ahmad Zaim Hussin
    Director, Leave a Nest Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
    Mr. Nur Ahmad Zaim Hussin
    Mr. Nur Ahmad Zaim Hussin received his Bachelor Degree in Electronic System Engineering at Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT UTM). Before joining Leave a Nest Malaysia, he worked as RF Optimization Engineer and responsible for 2G/3G/LTE KPI Performance analyzing, reporting with recommendation of KPI improvement. Based on his experience in the telecommunication sector, he saw the gap of technology implementation in rural areas especially in the agriculture sector. He would like to bridge this by implementing new technology in the agriculture sector and nurturing a younger generation to become involved in this sector. At Leave a Nest Malaysia, Zaim is in the Education Development Division.
  • Dr. Sachin Malwadkar
    Project Manager, Mitsui Chemicals Singapore R&D Centre, Pte. Ltd.
    Dr. Sachin Malwadkar
    Mitsui Chemicals Inc. is one of the diversified companies in Japan and providing wide variety of chemicals and polymers globally. This will help to build a better future for the society in business domains mainly, Mobility, Health Care, Food & Packaging, Next Generation Businesses and Basic Materials. Dr Sachin associate with Mitsui Chemicals Singapore R&D centre, Singapore for new business in the field of catalysis for basic chemicals, basic materials, Health care, Agrochemicals and identification of outside partner candidates. He is looking for new business opportunities making best use of open innovation combining with Mitsui Chemicals' proprietary technologies.
  • Mr. Daiki Kumamoto
    Growth Manager, Real Tech Holdings Singapore Pte Ltd.
    Mr. Daiki Kumamoto
    Daiki Kumamoto is the growth manager of Real Tech Fund as well as the leader of Global Fund, mainly investing into deep-tech startups in Southeast Asia. He invests in startups that bring solutions to care / welfare, serving as a director of aba; developing sensors for excretion detectors for elderly care. For investments in Southeast Asia, he is in charge of NDR Medical, Austrianova, Karana, ceEntek and many more. Before joining Real Tech in 2018, he was the president of the AIESEC, the largest NPO in Japan that commits in supporting young entrepreneurs globally. He graduated from Keio SFC University with a bachelor in management. Before joining Real Tech, he was the president of the largest NPO in Japan that commits in supporting young entrepreneurs globally. He graduated from Keio SFC University with a bachelor in management.
  • Mr. Araki Tetsuya
    Manager of Global Business Division, BIPROGY Inc.
    Mr. Araki Tetsuya
    Since his joining BIPROGY Inc. in 2001, he has engaged in international business, marketing and sales. From 2008, he joined BIPROGY USA, inc., a group company of BIPROGY Inc. in US, to support startups’s entry into the Japanese market. After his returning to BIPROGY Inc., he is in charge of business in South East Asia, especially, as a part of global business team.
  • Mr. Norio Asahara
    Regional Research & Development Director, Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd.
    Mr. Norio Asahara
    Glico manufactures not only confectionery and ice cream, but also a wide range of food categories such as beverages, dairy products, processed foods and baby milk powder. Mr. ASAHARA is the director of research and development in Glico Asia Pacific. He is looking for new research partners as well as technical support, investment and opportunities for various collaboration such as buying of new ingredients. He is responsible for new business in Asia Pacific.
  • Ms. Chihiro Sato
    Business Development, PT. Rohto Laboratories
    Ms. Chihiro Sato
    Chihiro oversees Sales & Marketing and Business Development at PT. Rohto Laboratories Indonesia, which manufactures and sells intraocular lenses, eye drops, cosmetics, and other products in Indonesia. After 9 years of service for a Japanese major consumer goods company in sales and business development, she joined a strategic consulting firm where she contributed for consumer goods companies in Japan. She also has invested in and added value to a taxi venture company in India as head of overseas operations for a major Japanese taxi company before joining Rohto pharmaceutical co. ltd in 2017. She is exploring the potential for new business creation by combining Rohto's expertise in over 120 years of history with exciting venture companies.
  • Mr. Kiwi Aliwarga
    CEO and Founder, UMG Idealab Indonesia
    Mr. Kiwi Aliwarga
    Mr. Kiwi Aliwarga is a person who likes to learn new things and make connections from several disciplines of knowledge and skills. His UMG Idealab has speaks for itself where UMG Idealab could build Tech startups of different fields ad make a deep collaboration to produce new product and services. He also the Founder and CEO of UMG Group, one of the largest companies in Myanmar with more than 5,000 employees and the largest producer and distributor of agricultural tractor equipment.
  • Dr. Rudi Purwo Wijayanto
    Engineer, National Research & Innovation Agency (BRIN)
    Dr. Rudi Purwo Wijayanto
    He experiences in technology-based business incubator since 2014 in nurturing start-up companies. He holds a Doctoral Degree from Kanazawa University and interests in the field of Innovation and Technology Management. He participated in the Management Science and Technopark training program and was listed as an alumnus at Lund University, Sweden (2015). He was selected as one of the participants in the IVLP (International Visitor Leadership Program) from the US State Department with the theme Promoting Science Technology, Research, Development, and Innovation (2016). In the same year, he studied Incubators Management and Start-ups at Massey University, New Zealand.
  • Prof. Dr. Ir. Hadi K. Purwadaria
    Head of International Commission, Asosiasi Inkubator Bisnis Indonesia (AIBI)
    Prof. Dr. Ir. Hadi K. Purwadaria
    Prof. Dr. Ir. Hadi K. Purwadaria was the founder of the Incubator Center for Agribusiness and Agroindustry (ICAA) of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) in 1995, and lead the incubator to a sustain institution until 2005, when it was further developed into Research and Development Center for Entrepreneurship with the ICAA remained as a division under the new Center. He became the Director of the Center until 2007.
  • Mr. Hussein Bin Sulaiman
    Program Head, BLOCK71 Indonesia & Vietnam
    Mr. Hussein Bin Sulaiman
    Since graduating from NUS in 2012, Hussein had entrenched himself in the local startup scene, by joining BeMyGuest.Travel (2012), LAZADA Singapore (2014) and Zilingo (2016). Zilingo aside, he was among the pioneers of the respective companies since their inception. Bitten by the startup bug, Hussein now continues contributing to the scene via BLOCK71 Indonesia, as the Programme Head, spearheading several initiatives and guiding startups both locally and in the region.
  • Roshark Marine
    Efficient underwater monitoring

    Efficient underwater monitoring

  • Kakarobot
    RUBBOTO: IoT-based monitoring tool for rubber plantation

    RUBBOTO: IoT-based monitoring tool for rubber plantation

  • N-Biobi
    Nano-Bio-fungicide Bintaro Fruit Extract for Powdery Mildew Disease in Apple Crops

    Nano-Bio-fungicide Bintaro Fruit Extract for Powdery Mildew Disease in Apple Crops

  • Balisynwood
    Synthetic Wood “Balisynwood”

    Synthetic Wood “Balisynwood”

  • EcoplastID
    Alternative to single-use plastic from agricultural waste

    Alternative to single-use plastic from agricultural waste

  • Khaira Energy
    Smart Residential Energy Storage System

    Smart Residential Energy Storage System

  • Electric Wheel Team
    Custom EV Conversion with Swappable Battery

    Custom EV Conversion with Swappable Battery

  • Nasho
    Nanotechnology-based coating and Self-cleaning product

    Nanotechnology-based coating and Self-cleaning product

  • D-Apps
    D-dimer Rapid Test

    D-dimer Rapid Test

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