TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in Singapore 2024

Discovering and nurturing Real Tech seeds
and entrepreneurs in Singapore
At universities, research institutes, and corporate laboratories, the "seeds" of science and technology are being born, and it takes a lot of time and effort before they sprout into practical applications. The "TECH PLANTER" organized by Leave a Nest with its partner companies is an ecosystem that aims to discover these seeds and serve as a planter to turn them into businesses. Our program in SINGAPORE aimed at discovering and nurturing Real Tech seeds and entrepreneurs.
  • Early stage startups and pre-startup researchers’ team or individual in Real Tech Field
  • Mature startups or SMEs seeking collaborators are also welcome, even if they are close to mass production or PMF establishment.
  • Visionaries that aim to change the world and/or their own country to a better place based on the science and tech based seeds
  • Those who are interested in the Japanese market or collaboration with Japanese corporations.
Categories of the TECH
Manufacturing, robotics, IoT, AI, agri-tech, bio-tech, healthcare, med-tech, food-tech, care-tech, marine-tech, ecotech, and etc.
Application Period
2024/1/8 (Mon)~2024/3/29 (Fri)
Judging Criteria
A panel of judges consisting of Leave a Nest and its partners will evaluate each of the following items.
  1. 01NOVELTY
  3. 03IMPACT TO
  4. 04PASSION
The Winner: 3,000 SGD
Corporate Awards: 2,000 SGD (Multiple)
Global Partners
Local Partners
  1. ASSET01Leave a Nest Communicator
  2. ASSET02Japanese Partner Companies
  3. ASSET03Local Partners
  4. ASSET04Super Factory Group
  1. SUPPORT01Organizing the vision your business
  2. SUPPORT02Brushing up your presentation
  3. SUPPORT03Opportunities for collaboration with Japanese corporates
  4. SUPPORT04Support for R&D and prototype development
  5. SUPPORT05Support for Knowledge and IP Strategies
  6. SUPPORT06Investment and support for finance
Name of the DEMO DAY
TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in Singapore 2024
B1, The ARC, NTU
Date & Time
2024/5/25 (Sat)13:00-18:00 in Singapore Time
Application Period
2024/1/8 (Mon)~2024/3/29 (Fri)
Eligible Participants
Deep Tech Startups and Research Teams
Leave a Nest Singapore
@Singapore Time
Opening Ceremony
Finalist Presentations
Judging, Lightning talks & Poster presentation
Awards & Closing
  • Mr. Shohei Maekawa
    Director, Leave a Nest Singapore Pte. Ltd.
    Mr. Shohei Maekawa
    Mr. Maekawa is Director of Leave a Nest Singapore and President of Leave a Nest UK. He was born in the USA and raised in Europe. He studied Zoology for his undergraduate degree and Evolutionary Anthropology for his postgraduate degree, both at University College London. With experience abroad and passion towards advancement of science and technology, he joined Leave a Nest in 2013. He became the Director of Leave a Nest Singapore Pte. Ltd. from May 1st 2019 with the vision to interconnect various industry partners for global development.
  • Mr. Henry Tao
    Principal, Real Tech Holdings
    Mr. Henry Tao
    Henry is part of the investment team of Real Tech Global Fund, where he covers deep tech innovations that can create a positive climate impact. Previously, Henry was an investor and operator in the sector of Agri-Food tech. Henry graduated from Harvard Business School with MBA degree.
  • Dr. Aya Wada
    R&D Director, Delightex Pte. Ltd.
    Dr. Aya Wada
    Accomplished scientist with extensive research experience with international collaborators across US, Singapore and Europe in academic biomedical research and cosmetic industry projects. Ph.D in Cell and Developmental Biology from Vanderbilt University, USA.
  • Dr. Ho Chaw Sing
    CEO, National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster (NAMIC), A*STAR
    Dr. Ho Chaw Sing
    Chaw Sing is the CEO of NAMIC Singapore, a national platform he co-founded that focuses on translational research to develop and scale industrial adoption of digital additive manufacturing technologies. Chaw Sing is active in the deep-tech startup scene and global AM community. He co-chairs the ISO/TC 261 Additive Manufacturing Chair's Advisory Group and Singapore Standards AM Technical Committee. He also serves as a Scientific and Technology Advisor at CREATE's Singapore-Hebrew University Alliance for Science and Technology among others. A prolific inventor in his early career, Chaw Sing holds several U.S. and internationally issued-patents. He earned his Ph.D. and Bachelor's in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National University of Singapore, where he also lectures part-time as an Adjunct Professor at NUS College of Design and Engineering. Chaw Sing is an ASTM International board member.
  • Mr. Long Quan
    Senior Director, Asia Middle East Africa Supply Chain Innovation, Procter & Gamble
    Mr. Long Quan
    Mr. Long Van Quan is Senior Director for supply chain innovation. He has an experience over 25 years career in P&G in assignments across Asia, Ukraine, Pakistan & India. He was involved in 3 key business units(Fabric, Oral & Shavecare) and was responsible for leading the front-end engineering, design, construction and start-up of 4 dry laundry & 1 shavecare manufacturing modules both brown and green field sites. He is currently responsible for Go-To-Market Innovation and Delivery in the APAC, Middle-East & Africa region across the domains of Manufacturing & Supply Chain Automation & Digitisation technology, Logistics Engineering, Supply Chain Digital Track & Track, eCom, Supply Network Modelling & Simulation; and Warehousing & Trucking.
  • Mr. Norio Asahara
    Regional R&D Director, Ezaki Glico Co. Ltd.
    Mr. Norio Asahara
    Glico manufactures not only confectionery and ice cream, but also a wide range of food categories such as beverages, dairy products, processed foods and baby milk powder. Mr. ASAHARA is the director of research and development in Glico Asia Pacific. He is looking for new research partners as well as technical support, investment and opportunities for various collaborations such as buying of new ingredients. He is responsible for new business in Asia Pacific.
  • Mr. Kouhei Miyajima
    Mr. Kouhei Miyajima
    Kouhei Miyajima joined East Japan Railway Company in 2020. Before joining the company, he studied abroad at a business school in France and learned about management and economics. After joining the company, he worked on the ground as a station staff and a railway driver, gaining first hand insight JRE’s assets and it can be leveraged to foster a startup ecosystem. Since 2023, he has been in charge of Takanawa Gateway City project, which is one of the largest real estate development projects in Tokyo to create a global startup ecosystem in Takanawa Gateway City.
  • Mr. Kenji Minefuji
    Manager at Business Innovation Group & ME Innovation Fund, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
    Mr. Kenji Minefuji
    Kenji Minefuji has led various open innovation activities with his business strategy and venture finance expertise. Since 2016, he has provided hands-on support for many startups in over 10 countries as a mentor. During his communication with startups, he developed novel collaboration schemes/concepts between startups and multinational corporations. He started his career as a research scientist of optical communication technology at the Information Technology R&D Center. In his mid-career, he planned the R & D strategy of the R&D center, and was in charge of resource allocation and project management, too. His deep understanding and experience of both cutting edge science & technology and business strategy made him launch unique open innovation activities with startups at the Center for Future Innovation. He plays a key role in running “ME Innovation Fund” established as a CVC fund in 2022.
  • Dr. Ryo Niishiro
    General Manager, Mitsui Chemicals Singapore R&D Centre Pte. Ltd.
    Dr. Ryo Niishiro
    The corporate mission of Mitsui Chemicals Inc. is to contribute to society by providing high-quality products and services to customers through innovations and the creation of materials and products. Dr. Niishiro is scouting new ideas and technologies related to Mitsui Chemicals’ four business domains; Life & Healthcare solutions, Mobility solutions, ICT solutions, and Basic & green materials. He has a strong desire to create new businesses in Southeast Asia by integrating the new innovative technologies and Mitsui Chemical’s wide variety of products.
  • Spinoff Robotics
    Customised tethered drones for facade cleaning

    Customised tethered drones for facade cleaning

  • Eureka Robotics
    High Accuracy High Agility full package robotics

    High Accuracy High Agility full package robotics

  • Cuprina Pollination
    Insect pollination utilising blowflies for flowing fruit hydroponics and seed resilience

    Insect pollination utilising blowflies for flowing fruit hydroponics and seed resilience

  • TeOra
    Aquaculture feed coatings providing vaccination

    Aquaculture feed coatings providing vaccination

  • i2Start
    Quick compact on-site sepsis diagnosis device

    Quick compact on-site sepsis diagnosis device

  • Craft Health
    Low heat 3D printing for controlled release time pharmaceuticals

    Low heat 3D printing for controlled release time pharmaceuticals

  • Greenitio
    Biopolymers replacing microplastics

    Biopolymers replacing microplastics

  • Altent Renewables
    Wet waste recycling into syngas, fuels and minerals

    Wet waste recycling into syngas, fuels and minerals

  • MYCL
    Mycelium Mushroom as a leather-alternative, and a low-carbon composite material

    Mycelium Mushroom as a leather-alternative, and a low-carbon composite material

Team Theme Representative
STeLa Lab Customisable protein-rich food for humans and animals Nicole Cheam
IDDK Enabling micro-gravity experimentation with compact imaging tech for space Kohei Yoshioka
AEyeMynd Poor lighting AI defect analysis with no training of AI algorithm required Vikram Vummidi
AT-Ractive Seaweed in animal feed to reduce CO2 and methane emissions Hiroyuki Hirano
Magic3D Simultaneous 3D printing of range of polymers, soft to hard Thileepan Stalin
WeavInsight Environmental and Climate Risk sensors and AI model Natalia Mykhaylova
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