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The very first winner of TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in the PHILIPPINES is Team UBE-Tech!

Leave a Nest successfully conducted TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in PHILIPPINES 2017 on May 27th. This is the very first time of the DEMO DAY held in MANILA, PHILIPPINES.

In this event, 12 finalists selected from 29 applicants presented their projects. Team “UBE-Tech” won the Grand Winner prize for their innovative technology to allow utilizing lightly pigmented Ube for commercial use. In addition to the Grand Winner, four more prizes were given by the judges (For details please see below). The winner will be invited to DEMO DAY in Singapore held in July 29th.

Leave a Nest is going to continuously support not only prize winners and finalists but all TECH PLANTER members so they can accelerate their projects. So please keep communicating with Leave a Nest members.

For details of 12 finalists  please access to this article.

The event opened with welcoming note from a president and managing director, Dr. Kihoko Tokue of Leave a Nest Singapore Ptd. Ltd., followed by keynote speech from Mr. Atsushi Shimizu, a founder and CEO, and winner of the very fist TECH PLAN GRAND PRIX in Japan back in 2013. Mr. Atsushi from Challenergy Inc. shared his vision of implementing windless typhoon energy harnessing wind turbines in the Philippines.








Venue QBO Innovation Hub
Date/Time May 27th 2017 13:00-19:30
Organizer Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.

Prize Winners


  1. Grand Winner for TECH PLANTER DEMO DAY in the PHILIPPINES
  •       Content: 200,000 JPY and right to participate in TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in SG
  •       Team: UBE-Tech
  •       Theme: innovative technology to allow utilizing lightly pigmented Ube for commercial use.



  1. JT Award
  •       Team: MiBAS
  •       Theme: EEG device to allow paralyzed patients to communicate their needs.


3. THK Award

  •  Team: Fablab Bohol
  •  Theme: Solving plastic waste challenge by utilizing plastic waste to create new materials.

4. Hamano Products Award

  •       Team: MVM
  •       Theme: bringing over the counter medicine close to you by creating medicine dispensing vending machines


Leave a Nest Award

  •       Team: Smart Lab
  •       Theme: Using nano particle coated Kapok to filter waste water for clean water supply.


We will be coming back in August and once again in Oct to learn about progress of TECH PLANTER community members. Please watch out for our announcements.


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