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Super Factory Meetup Session comes again to Singapore!

Super Factory Meetup Session comes again to Singapore!
Leave a Nest will be conducting a Super Factory Session for startups in Singapore on Sunday July 30th at National Design Centre.

Japan is well known for its manufacturing technology. In Japan there are many small medium size factories known as “Super Factories” who have not only knowhow and technology but passion for manufacturing.
They are famous for producing high technology product with precision such as painless needle for medical device and valves for rockets and so on.

Last year, Mr. Hamono from Hamano Products has kindly participated in our Super Factory meet up session.

This time, 12 Super Factories from three wards in Tokyo (Itabashi, Oota, Sumida) will be visiting Singapore for the session. The fields of expertise are wide range from metal to lenses and paper too.
Three famous area of Super Factories in Tokyo, Japan

In the meet up session, startups from Singapore will be pitching about their problem in their product development and masters from Super factories will answer to solve and possibly to collaborate in product development.

Through construction of network between Japanese Super Factories and startups in the world we aim to further accelerate the product development of the startups so their solution/ product will be released to the society sooner and hence solving many issues around the world.

Date: Sunday 30th July 2017
Time: 13:00~18:00 (4 sessions)
※Closed event
Venue: National Design Centre, 111 Middle Road, Singapore, 188969
Contact: For press contact please contact Shohei Michael Maekawa ([email protected])