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Regional Final TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in SINGAPORE 2019 Finalists

Announcing 14 Finalists of TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in SINGAPORE 2019

After going through a tough selection process, 14 teams have been selected as finalists for TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in SINGAPORE 2019. They will be presenting their technology and business ideas at TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in SINGAPORE 2019 at Platform E on 3rd August 2019.

The Grand Winner of TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in INDONESIA, PHILIPPINES, VIETNAM, THAILAND, MALAYSIA 2019 will be invited for the final round of TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in SINGAPORE on 3rd August 2019.

Here are the top 14 finalists for TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in SINGAPORE 2019:

Indonesia Winner Team name: Tech Prom Lab
Theme: Waste Utilisation for Innovative Building Material

The Philippines Winner Team name: nanolabLRC
Theme: Nanomaterials electrode for electrochemical energy storage applications

Vietnam Winner Team name: Advance Materials for Environment
Theme: Sustainable method to obtain silica from rice husk

Thailand Winner Team name: ReadRing
Theme: Portable re-printable braille machine for blind people to read text in real time

Malaysia Winner Team name: Electrochemical Material and Sensor Group (EMaS)
Theme: Clinical Usage of DNA-Nanowires on Gold Electrode as Breast Cancer (BRCA) Screening Device

Team name: Sentient IO
Theme: Sentient AI and Data Platform

Team name: Carmentix
Theme: Nir Arbel

Team name: Kang Healthcare
Theme: Digitalising Traditional Medicine

Team name: TEAPASAR
Theme: Metabolomic Fingerprinting and Taste Prediction

Team name: Pro-health Water Technologies
Theme: Technological Innovations for Drinking Water

Team name: Neurobit
Theme: Physiological Data Analytics as a Service

Team name: RECORNEA
Theme: Intra-corneal implant

Team name: Soynergy
Theme: Bioprocessed okara for value-added healthy food products

Team name: Spiral Inc.
Theme: MarkFlex Air

All participants of TECH PLANTER in SINGAPORE 2019 are invited to join TECH PLAN DEMO DAY as an audience.


  • Date: 3rd August 2019 (Saturday)
  • Time: 13:00-19:30 hrs
  • Location: Platform E, 41 Namly Ave. Singapore
  • Contents: Presentation, judges review, networking session
  • Website: TECH PLANTER

If you are interested to join the TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in SINGAPORE 2019 as an audience, please register here!

See you during the Demo Day!


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