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Designing lifestyle based on gut environment. How Metabologenomics can help you live healthy life by Dr. Shinji Fukuda

Mark down your calendar Nov 23 (Sat) 09:00-18:30 to attend TECH VENTURE MEETUP 2019 in Singapore.  This year we are welcoming exciting keynote speaker and 12 deep tech startups and our partners to join TECH VENTURE MEET UP in Singapore. Dr. Shinji Fukuda from Metabologenomics, Inc. President and CEO will share about their business to realize ‘zero disease’ society.

Line up of startups cover, circular economy, data analysis solution, healthcare and alternative protein/food. Each has unique business model here in the region. To support those startups we will have various corporate partners as judge to choose the best startup pitch for 2019. Some of the confirmed partners include, recently IPO drone company from Japan, ACSL, Ota City Municipal Government, Germi8.


WEBSITE of the event is >>> HERE!!!

  • Date: 23rd November (Satu) 2019, 09:00-18:30
  • Venue: TBC
  • Program: Keynote speech, Panel discussion, Business pitch by startups, Booth Exhibition
  • Target audience: VCs, corporate innovation teams, startups etc.

Registration of the event: HERE!!!


”Designing lifestyle based on gut environment. How Metabologenomics can help you live healthy life”

Speaker: Dr. Shinji Fukuda Metabologenomics, Inc. President and CEO

Founded in March 2015 in Japan, Metabologenomics, Inc. stride with vision “realizing ‘zero disease’ by the power of frontier science.” Dr. Shinji Fukuda endeavors on journey of entrepreneurship concurrently with being academic researcher.

In this keynote speech, he will share about how his journey started with Bio Tech Grand Prix. Meeting with the team members and starting their journey. They have set up head office and  laboratory in Tsuruoka, Japan and have worked on collaborative researches with big corporates to develop their original gut-design system.

In addition, they have recently embarked on new journey. Earlier this year,  Metabologenomics, Inc. together with euglena Co., Ltd. have joined a Nest-Bio Venture Lab in MJIIT Malaysia set up by Leave a Nest Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. This in hope to support local entrepreneurs and R&D ecosystem. From business perspective, they are looking into understanding different gut environment of various population to support everyone to benefit from technology advancement they can bring with Metabologenomics, Inc.

Come listen to inspiring story of academic entrepreneurs from Japan who is expanding business in SEA region.

Registration of the event: HERE!!!



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