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Thank You Indonesia for TECH PLANTER Pre Visit 1. See you again on 18th-20th March 2020 !

Thank You Indonesia for TECH PLANTER Pre Visit 1. See you again on 18th-20th March 2020 !

From 10th-13th December 2019, Leave a Nest Malaysia led by Mr. Abdul Hakim and Mr. Nur Ahmad Zaim had visited Jakarta, Indonesia for the first Pre Visit of  TECH PLANTER in Indonesia 2020 (TPIDN 2020).

The aims of the pre-visit were to conduct TECH PLANTER Briefing sessions at the local universities and incubators as well as to gather potential partners and judges for next year's program.

Check out some of the activities that they already done in Jakarta, Indonesia.

TECH PLANTER Presentation at UI Business Matching Event

Mr. Abdul Hakim was given the chance to share about TPIDN 2020 at the UI Business matching event 2019 conducted at Swiss-Bell Hotel Mangga Besar Jakarta. There were more than 20 startups as well as local corporations listen to the presentation and some of the startups already showed their interest to participate in next year TPIDN 2020.

Visit To UMG Group

Leave a Nest also visited UMG Group, one of the venture builders that have a vision of supporting startups that fight climate change. We were grateful that UMG Group showed their interest to become one of the partners for TPIDN 2020 and Dr. Kiwi Aliwarga, Founder and Executive Chairman of UMG Group will  become one of the judges for TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in Indonesia 2020. It will be meaningful for TPIDN 2020 participants to get constructive feedback from experienced entrepreneur like him and maybe potential investments too.

Visit To  IPB Science Technology Park.

On 11th Dec, Mr. Hakim and Mr. Zaim visited IPB Science Technology Park and met with Dr. Ir. Rokhani Abdullah, Director of the IPB Science Technology Park. We are truly  appreciate that IPB STP give a fully support for TPIDN 2020 and will help to gather participation from Bogor Agriculture University to apply for the program.

Info Session at Indonesian Institute of Life Sciences (LIPI) , Cibinong

LIPI was one of the local partner for TPIDN 2019 where they gave an award to Team PT Noveltindo Eiyo. During this pre-visit, Leave a Nest team were given the opportunity to conduct briefing of TPIDN 2020 to 13 researchers and startups that attended the session. Thank you very much to LIPI for the event and also commitment to support TPIDN 2020 again.

Visit To Multimedia Nusantara University & Meeting with SkyStar Ventures

SkyStar Ventures is one of the 5 local universities based incubators that received “Grade A Incubator” recognition by the government and  the AIBI Network. We were grateful to have SkyStar Ventures as one of the supporting partner for TPIDN 2020. They will support to gather potential participants from the university and through their network.

Visit To  Angels in Indonesia Network (ANGIN)

Last but not least, Mr. Hakim and Mr. Zaim were able to meet with Angel In Indonesia Network (ANGIN) which has a strong network of angel investors in Indonesia. With the support from ANGIN, we hope to gather potential investors that will support more Indonesian Real-Tech Startups through TPIDN 2020.

Annoucement of TECH PLANTER in INDONESIA 2020.

We are proud to announce that we are now opening the registration for TECH PLANTER in Indonesia 2020 until 20th April 2020.

All researchers and startups can apply online by clicking on the Registration icon below.

The TECH PLAN DEMOD DAY in Indonesia will be happen as following details 

  • Date : 4th July 2020
  • Venue : Block71 Jakarta, Ariobimo Sentral, East Kuningan, Jakarta.

Dont miss the chance to participate in TECH PLANTER in Indonesia 2020 !

Thank you Indonesia and till we meet again in March 2020!

Further info, please contact :

[email protected] or [email protected]