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JustSigns is the Grand Winner of TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in Thailand 2021

JustSigns is the Grand Winner of TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in Thailand 2021

On 10th July 2021, Leave a Nest conducted the TECH PLANTER DEMO DAY in Thailand. Due to COVID-19, this event was held entirely online. Our Leave a Nest team has lived up to expectations and we would continue to strive harder for a better, stronger Tech Planter in near future. Leave a Nest will love to continue to solve global issues using a variety of technologies which ranges from Med-Tech, Food-tech, Agri-tech and many more.

For this year’s DEMO DAY, 9 outstanding finalists and 7 lightning talk speakers were selected from 24 applicants. These outstanding startups were chosen to pitch and present their innovative core technologies and business models to the judges. These startups are keen to solve global issues using their innovative minds and skill sets. It is also catered to our panel of judges from Leave a Nest Singapore, Glico Co, Mitsubishi Electric, Real Tech Holdings, Mitsui Chemicals Singapore R&D Centre, Maruha Nichiro, SCG Chemicals, Innospace (Thailand), National Innovation Agency and Aimspire.

We would like to sincerely extend our gratitude to the judges for taking time to support us, giving us valuable feedback which allows us to strive harder and improve in all aspects. This event was such a huge success due to your continuous support throughout. On top of that, we would also like to thank those who have given us their time to watch the event real-time via our internal broadcasting system.

Various awards were proudly introduced from our partners. JustSigns is proudly announced as the Grand Winner this year by Ms Tonghathai Kuvanont from Aimspire. JustSigns is trying to help solve the deep issues that people with hearing impairments have; unable to understand visuals videos thoroughly. They want to improve the situation by making online videos (i.e Facebook or Youtube) readily available with sign language animations from their transcript in Thai language. This would greatly help to maximize convenience for people with hearing issues.

Below is a summary of this year’s winners

1. Grand Winner

  • Content: 3000 SGD cash prize, participation in TECH PLANTER SOUTHEAST ASIA FINALS in Singapore 2021
  • Winner: JustSigns
  • Theme: Sign Language made available on online media content for people with hearing impairment


Grand Winner JustSigns (right) with Ms Tonghathai Kuvanont (left) 

2. Mitsui Chemicals Award 

  • Content: 2500 SGD
  • Winner: Rehab Happy Walk
  • Theme: An IoT-based monitoring wearable device with visual laser cues that assists patients with Parkinson’s disease in walking


Mitsui Chemicals Award winner (right) with Dr Eiji Watanabe (left)


3. Real Tech Award

  • Content: 2,500 SGD cash prize
  • Team: ReNew Innovations
  • Theme: ReNew developed CELLUNATTE  that strengthens weak fibres in recyclable packagings


Real Tech Award winner (right) with Mr Akitaka Wilhelm Fujii (left)

4.  Mitsubishi Electric Award Winner 

  • Content: 2500 SGD cash prize
  • Winner: JustSigns
  • Theme: Sign Language made available on online media content for people with hearing impairment


Mitsubishi Electric Award Winner (right) with Mr Yuji Niwa (left)

5. Glico Award Winner 

  • Content: 2500 SGD cash prize
  • Winner: Bencha Arokaya
  • Theme: Personalized medicines that can be combined with western treatments to improve diabetic patient’s quality of life


GLICO Award winner (right) with Mr Norio Asahara (left)

6. Leave a Nest Award 

  • Content: Opportunity to take part in Tech Planter Southeast Asia Finals
  • Winner: GPJ Biotechnology
  • Theme: Functional drink with enhanced absorbability of calcium


Leave a Nest Award winner (right) with Dr Kihoko Tokue (left)

Congratulations to all the winners! 

We sincerely hope that all the technologies that are being developed by our hardworking scientists and venture teams will find their way to solve issues in society soon.

If you are interested in watching other Tech Plan Demo Days, the next one will be in 24th July 2021 (TPSG)

Stay safe and keep on solving world issues!

To learn more about Tech Planter, kindly visit: https://en.techplanter.com

For more information or any inquiries or concerns, please send an email to Dr. Mango Loo at [email protected].