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Announcement of 9 Finalists for TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in Indonesia 2023

Announcement of 9 Finalists for TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in Indonesia 2023

TECH PLANTER is a deep-tech acceleration program organized by Leave a Nest and aims to support innovative researchers and startups that have the potential to make a positive impact on society.

Since its inception, TECH PLANTER has expanded to several countries, including Indonesia, where it has been running since 2018. This year, we received 45 applications from diverse fields, backgrounds, and institutions. Following the interview and selection process, nine teams have been selected as finalists to compete in TECH PLAN Demo Day in Indonesia 2023, which will be held in Bandung for the first time.

We are excited to announce this year's finalists, who are as follows: 

Team name: BETA-UAS

Theme: Drone Manufacturing.


Team name: Matador Lectro

Theme: Advancements in Renewable Energy: Integrating DSSC and Graphene-based Smart Powerwall with IoT Technology. 


Team name: Calty Farm

Theme: Calty Farm.


Team name: Karla Bionics

Theme: Medical Technology.


Team name: Greenlabs

Theme: Bio-based Chemicals to Sustain Environment. 


Team name: Archiciotech Indonesia

Theme: Coralove.


Team name: Fishgator

Theme: FishGator is An Internet of Things (IoT) Platform for the Aquaculture Industry Based on a Biofloc System that is Integrated with a Data Management System.


Team name: Habibi Garden

Theme: The Future of Agriculture by Habibi Garden.


Team name: ALBITEC

Theme: Microalgae For Sustainable Future.


Congratulations to the teams that have made it through the TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in Indonesia 2023. All applicants of TECH PLANTER in Indonesia 2023 are invited to participate during the demo day on 20th May 2023 as audiences.

Overview of TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in Indonesia 2023:

* Date: 20th May 2023 (Saturday)

* Time: 9:30 – 14:30 (WIB)

* Venue: BLOCK71 Bandung, Innovation Factory, Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No.108, Lebakgede,  Kecamatan Coblong, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40132, Indonesia

* Contents: Presentation, Judges review, Networking

* Website: https://en.techplanter.com/indonesia/indonesia2023/