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Alternō claimed as the Grand Winner of TECH PLAN Demo Day in Vietnam 2023

Alternō claimed as the Grand Winner of TECH PLAN Demo Day in Vietnam 2023

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam – On July 8, 2023, TECH PLAN Demo Day in Vietnam 2023 brought together researchers, tech developers, industry leaders, and investment firms, forging valuable connections and igniting a sense of anticipation. Held at the vibrant CirCO Hoang Dieu venue, the event featured eight (8) outstanding finalists and three (3) lightning talk teams, all showcasing their innovative technologies aimed at addressing pressing challenges of our time. With passion and conviction, each team impressed a distinguished panel of judges, including representatives from Leave a Nest Philippines, Inc., local judges from Becamex Business Incubator, KisStartup, and Quest Ventures, along with global judges from BIPROGY Inc., Real Tech Holdings Singapore Pte. Ltd., and Kanamori Industries Co., Ltd. This event has been made possible with the help of these esteemed partners, including Mitsui Chemicals Singapore R&D Centre Pte. Ltd., and we are endlessly grateful for their invaluable support.

In an atmosphere buzzing with curiosity, the presentations at TECH PLAN Demo Day in Vietnam 2023 revealed inspiring visions for a brighter future, fueled by scientific innovation. Among the exceptional finalists, one team emerged as the standout, capturing the judges' trust and curiosity. After careful deliberation, Alternō claimed as the Grand Winner of TECH PLAN Demo Day in Vietnam 2023

Alternō's mission is to revolutionize the agricultural drying industry through their groundbreaking Thermal Energy Storage (TES) technology. By addressing one of the most energy-intensive processes in the agricultural value chain, Alternō takes significant strides towards reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, aligning with their ultimate objective of combatting climate change.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the judges for their invaluable feedback and wise advice, which undoubtedly assisted all the finalists in refining their technologies and ventures.

TECH PLAN Demo Day in Vietnam 2023 not only provided a platform for showcasing cutting-edge ideas but also fostered lasting connections among participants. These bonds, built on shared visions and collaborative potential, are poised to endure and drive impactful change in the future.



Team: Alternō
Technology Theme: Thermal Energy Storage for Agriculture Drying
Award Inclusions: VND 18.000.000 Cash Prize and an Invitation to present at the TECH PLANTER ASEAN Final 2023
Reason: Alternō can revolutionize the agricultural drying industry. By reducing reliance on fossil fuels and inefficient traditional methods, Alterno's technology significantly contributes to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction. This aligns with the urgent goal of mitigating climate change. They have also shown great passion and potential worth of being Vietnam's representative for this year.


Technology Theme: Cost-effective solution for seeding, fertilizing, and spraying rice fields with Shoes, a sliding shoes-like vehicle for efficient farming.
Award Inclusions: Invitation to present at the TECH PLANTER ASEAN Final 2023
Reason: Cost-effective solutions for seeding, fertilizing, and spraying rice fields in Vietnam can have a significant impact by improving productivity, reducing costs, promoting sustainability, and contributing to the overall development of the agricultural sector not just in Vietnam, but the whole of Southeast Asia.

Real Tech Singapore AWARD

Team: Alternō
Technology Theme: Thermal Energy Storage for Agriculture Drying
Award Inclusions: VND 12.000.000
Reason: Real Tech has recognized that energy is of course one of the most impending issues globally, and such technologies will be impactful in the near future.


Team: Vulcan Augmetics
Technology Theme: Accessible medical sensors through smart tech: Simplified control, advanced automation. Industry growth enabled.
Award Inclusions: VND 12.000.000
Reason: Vulcan's medical tech innovation in Vietnam simplifies device control, improves accessibility, and eliminates the need for extensive training and customization. It utilizes smart sensors, advanced machine learning, and smaller, faster, self-updating devices, benefiting industries like robotics, AR/VR, and exoskeletons. BIPROGY has chosen Vulcan so that they can collaborate in terms of software development.

KisStartup Award

Technology Theme: Efficient wastewater treatment using Fe4O3 and Bacterial Cellulose to remove heavy metals and organic pollutants, minimizing non-biodegradable sludge.
Award Inclusions: Mentoring and Intensive Coaching for 3 Months.
Reason:The innovative wastewater treatment technology using Fe3O4 (Iron Oxide) and Bacterial Cellulose offers an effective and sustainable approach, minimizing non-biodegradable sludge and improving organic matter removal. The team is also composed of young researchers, and with them, KisStartup aims to promote entrepreneurship in the next generation.

Kanamori Industries Award

Team: Eco Materials for Environment Applications (EMEA)
Technology Theme: Repurposing PV glass waste to efficiently remove Cr(III) from wastewater and enhance absorption of heavy metals.
Award Inclusions: Business collaboration discussion with Kanamori Industries – Representative Director and President.
Reason: Addressing the challenge of glass waste disposal and contamination of groundwater, this technology effectively removes Cr(III) and enhances heavy metal removal. Its sustainable approach contributes to environmental preservation and water quality improvement. Kanamori Industries saw a good synergy with this technology, and aims to collaborate together with EMEA on a business level.


We sincerely hope that the technologies being developed by these passionate researchers and venture teams will be able to find their way to solve issues in the society soon.

The TECH PLANTER ASEAN Season still continues, and the next country will be MALAYSIA on July 20, 2023! Watch out for the next announcements!

For our Vietnamese colleagues, let's also make sure to support Team Alternō and Team SHOES during the Tech Planter Asia Finals to be held in MALAYSIA on AUGUST 26, 2023!

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