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ASEAN Deep Tech Venture of the Year 2024 Award Winners

ASEAN Deep Tech Venture of the Year 2024 Award Winners

In the dynamic landscape of Southeast Asia, the ASEAN Deep Tech Venture of the Year 2024 awards stand as a testament to the region's burgeoning technological prowess. Recognizing outstanding contributions in STEM education, agribusiness transformation, service robotics, and energy innovation, these awards spotlight the visionary ventures making waves across Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Let's delve into the narratives of the remarkable awardees reshaping the technological future of Southeast Asia.

GaraSTEM (Vietnam): Nurturing Future Tech Leaders

Founded in 2017 by Mr. Thien Truong Vo Huu, GaraSTEM spearheads Vietnam's STEM education revolution. Focused on cutting-edge technologies like AI, IoT, and automation, GaraSTEM's ecosystem empowers young minds with high-quality, affordable tools. Their Netlearn platform democratizes STEM education, earning them the title of the Most Outstanding STEM/STEAM Education Brand.

ProfilePrint (Singapore): Revolutionizing Agribusiness

Since 2017, ProfilePrint has been a trailblazer in agribusiness transformation. Their AI-driven ingredient quality platform, backed by Identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) technology, revolutionizes decision-making. By combining sensor tech with a seamless SaaS platform, ProfilePrint offers real-time assessments, reshaping the agribusiness landscape.

Robopreneur (Malaysia): Innovating the Future

Founded in 2015 by Dr. Hanafiah Yussof and Dr. Rubie Zahari, Robopreneur pioneers service robotics. Addressing labor shortages and STEM education gaps, their state-of-the-art technology harnesses robotics, AI, and automation to enhance human capabilities and drive economic growth.

SolX (The Philippines): Affordable Power for Asia

Established in February 2022, SolX swiftly transforms the energy sector with its vision of accessible electricity. Their real-time data system, energy contract optimization, and anomaly detection redefine energy procurement, reducing processes from months to weeks. SolX emerges not just as a power provider but as a guiding light toward a sustainable energy future.

The ASEAN Deep Tech Venture of the Year 2024 awardees embody innovation, resilience, and a commitment to transforming industries. As we celebrate their achievements, these ventures illuminate the path towards a future where technology not only shapes economies but also addresses critical societal challenges. These pioneers inspire us to envision Southeast Asia at the forefront of global technological innovation.

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