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TPG Taiwan had successfully held. Thank you for all of your corporations.

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For the EARLY batch of entry

Early entry team has a chance for mentoring session via Video conference(Skype, Google Hangout).After the entry submitted, TECH PLANTER team from Japan will contact you. These interview is not obligation, but we strongly recommend to keep in touch with mentoring members.

8/3-6 Additional interview
8/7 Announcement for finals (up to 8 teams)
8/11 Pitch polishing office hour #1
8/18 Pitch polishing office hour #2

Applicants whose applications arrive early, get to talk to us early.

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For the LATE batch of entry

Late entry team may have more time for decision making.Because of short time before competition, we will ask you to prepare business proposal which may contain informations about product, core technology, business model, market and team. Schedule is shown below.

8/12 Deadline [Send Entry Form]
8/13 Response [We will ask you for business proposal document, 3-5 pages, English]
8/17 Deadline for business proposal
8/18 Announcement for finals (up to 3 teams)
8/19 Pitch polishing office hour #1

Don’t work to a deadline or waste time polishing your application; just submit your team, your idea, and your plans, and we’ll iron out the details later.


2015第二屆日本技術創業大賞台灣選拔會 / 2nd Tech Plan Grand Prix in Taiwan



由日本Leave a Nest公司再次於台灣辦理「Tech Plan Grand Prix競賽」,今年第二次於台灣舉辦!參賽者將有機會免費前往日本參加決賽「Tech Plan Grand Prix in Japan」,並贏得日幣五百萬創業資金盛事!他們主要在尋找馬來西亞、新加坡、臺灣、和日本的正處於不同發展階段的項目團隊。


Leave a nest 於2002年由當時還在東京大學農學及生命科學系攻讀博士的丸幸弘先生創辦,鑒於社會上找不到工作的理科博士後越來越多,學歷逐漸成為進入社會的鴻溝、且拒絕理科、討厭理科的小學生也與日俱增,因此丸幸弘先生與另外15位大學時代同樣念理工科的同學共同創辦了Leave a nest,此命名意謂著理科博士後或碩士生其實可以憑藉自身所學,發揮專業,離巢高飛,同時也留下一個巢,培育未來的學子,讓科學依舊為未來世代所重視跟喜愛! 國際性的以硬體為核心的商業計畫大賽,這個叫做“科技培育計畫”(Tech Planter)的活動在日本開始舉辦,秉承著以加速在亞洲的生產力為目標,它吸引了3500個在墨田區的工廠、著名企業家和專業的工程師、專家。“科技培育計畫”正在尋找能夠用他們的熱情和產品來改善我們生活環境的人才及團隊。無論成敗,任何參加這次活動的成員如果想將他們的專案商業化都會被給予必要的支援。


這對於參賽選手將是一個無與倫比的好機會去結識各國的其他的參賽選手,製造商和投資人。只要在8月12日前繳交計劃書即可,快點行動吧!只要你有想法,想運用科技產物的力量改變世界、讓世界變得更好,不用擔心英文簡報與創業規劃的問題,Leave a Nest將提供專人指導! 歡迎有志的青年、團體、公司報名參加!



硬體設備/農業/糧食/生物科技/醫療照顧 (Hardware/ Agriculture/ Food/  Biotech/ Healthcare)











  1. 標題(1張)[Title (1)]
  2. 問題(1張)誰將是客戶?什麼是客戶的問題?[Problem (1) #Who will be the customer? What is customer's problem?]
  3. 解決方案(1-2張)將使用哪些功能或技術解決問題?[Solution (1-2) #How do you gonna solve it? What feature or technology you will use.]
  4. 成就(1-2張),客戶訪談,原型設計等。[Achievement (1-2) #data, customer interview, prototype design etc.]
  5. 團隊(1張)隊員姓名,角色,背景,興趣,教育等。[Team (1) #name, role, background, passion, degree etc.]
  6. 未來(1張)將以何種視野來做這件事?[Future (1) #What kind of vision do you have?]



勝利第一名隊伍將有二位參賽成員得到免費的日本機票和住宿,依其隊伍不同的屬性,代表台灣參加2015年於日本東京舉行的大獎賽總決賽,角逐決賽優勝 500 萬日元大獎。



  • 科技培育創業大賽 (Tech Plan Grand Prix),日本決賽 9月12日 (六)。
  • 農業科學創業大賽 (Agri Science Grand Prix),日本決賽 9月26日 (六)。
  • 生物科學創業大賽 (Bioscience Grand Prix),日本決賽 10月3日 (六)。

日本活動網頁:  / 日本Leave a Nest公司網頁:

Leave a Nest公司台灣泛科學網站介紹(PanSci):

台灣連絡窗口:李經理 (04)23323456分機6440/ [email protected]

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Event outline

Date: Aug 23rd 2015 2PM to 5PM

Venue: Asia conference center” (room M001, 300 people) Building #3 Management & Humanities Building, Asia University

Asia University, Taichung



  • IMAD
  • E2
  • Sense-I
  • Dr.Breathe
  • Super5
  • Active Guard
  • Singularity
  • Hi-End Computer Audio
  • Asia University Plant Factory
  • X-Patch



Sense-i – n view of problems faced by people with visual impairment, s e n s e-i takes advantage of Intel RealSense D200 technologies to collect 3D depth and RGB images and extracts information of the nearby environment.


Biocornea X-Patch medical device: a decellularized corneal scaffold patch used in ophthalmology. An industrial-scale based decellularized corneal xenograft medical device being processed by a means of ScCO2 fluid technology.


Hi-End Computer Audio

Hi-End Computer Audio – Switching power supply of computer to perform Hi-End audio quality for audiophiles which provide flat impedance of power supply.


Active guard

Active guard – Tire tread sensing device, use in automotive wheel arches installed red laser displacement detector, when the vehicle is powered on, it will automatically detect the tread meets the state standard 1.6mm thickness.


Maurice Hsu, Associate Professor
國立聯合大學 工業設計専攻
Mr. Maurice Hsu has invented over 40 products with patents and also received top prize for 15 times at International Inventors’ Competition. He has also founded famous children’s shoe brand be*U.

Freia Wei, Co-founder and Managing Director of AsiaGLO Ventures Int’l Ltd.
Ms. Freia Wei is expert in entrepreneur and business development in various level of value chain in biotech and biopharmaceutical industries. Especially experienced in in-licensing and out-licensing, technology transfer, angel investment, venture capital investment etc.

Phoenix Wang, 王勝鋒 Project manager of Division of Industrial Promotion Academia-Industry Collaboration, Development Center for Biotechnology
Mr. Phoenix has over 18 years of working experience in Pharmaceutical, electronic manufacturing, consulting and research institute of biotechnology. He has expertise in business development, technology commercialization, and in international collaboration to name a few. He has also lived in various countries such as UK, France, Japan, Netherlands and US.

Lee Tzung Hsien 李宗憲
Chairman of Taiwan Media Marketing Corp.
Secretary General of Taiwan Health Care Association.

Yukihiro Maru, CEO Leave a Nest Co., Ltd
Founder of Leave a Nest, which is a leading science company in Japan, comprising of only Masters’ and PhD graduates. He also supported start-up of more than 40 companies in Japan. One of the companies, Euglena Co., Ltd. was recently listed in TSE1 stock market in Japan. He’s expert in advising young entrepreneur in business development and venture spirit.

Throwback 2014

Tech Plan Grand Prix Taiwan 2014 was held at Archimedes Room GIS NTU on 27 August from 13:00 to 17:00.

Exciting 7 teams had made presentation and the contest was very tight but in the end team DaStrong has won the contest. 2 member team will travel to Japan in September to compete against 12 Japanese teams and 1 team from Singapore. 2nd TPGP in Tokyo Japan held on 21 Sept.

Our Judges

1. Dr. 徐義權(Prof. Maurice Hsu) 國立聯合大學
2. Ms. Freia Wei 旺亞國際新創管理有限公司 董事總經理
3. Dr. Phoenix Wang 財團法人生物技術開發中心
4. Mr. Daniel Lin Founder of Futureward
5. Mr. Portnoy Zhang Co-founder and Chief Editor of PanSci
6. Dr. Yukihiro Maru CEO Leave a Nest Co., Ltd

Throw back 2014

2014 Winner; Da Strong


Representitive:Chun-Lin Liu

Ultrawind Cooling Technology

“DaStrong will change the world with innovative cooling system using piezoelectricity. DaStrong focus on UltraWind, an Earth-Friendly cooling technology. Now, UltraWind has great chance to occupy a leading position in electronic cooling market by replacing conventional rotational fan.

DaStrong team is comprised of 2 members, Chun-lin Liu and Hsien-Chin Su. Chun-lin. Team leader Chun-lin Liu graduated from National Taiwan University with Master degree in Mechanical Engineering. Once the company is established, he will be the CEO for the company. He has good experience in cooperating with industries and companies in the field. Hsien-Chin Su obtained his PhD degree from National Taiwan University in Mechanical Engineering. He was doing his post-doc at Purdue University in cooling technology research. His expertise is in piezoelectric application and electronics cooling designs. He will be the CTO once a company is established.

1st Runner; EpiFaith


Representitive:WenFu Luo

Device for locating epidural space

Team EpiFaith is aiming to take away pain from epidural injection with new syringe application. Their product has 3 advantages. 1) prevent spinal cord damage during procedure, 2) Easy to use, 3) save time.

The team are made up of 7 students studying various backgrounds and comprised of different age group. Youngest being bachelor students in Medicine and International Business. 3 master students are expert in Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. 2 PhD candidates specializes in Bioinformatics and Mechanical Engineering. This diverse background helps this team to develop unique product like EpiFaith.

This team is aiming to promote product in Taiwan as starting ground but also looking into the possibility of setting up a company and extending their service to the other part of Asia in the future.