For University

To Accelerate University-Industry collaboration

Platforms of opportunity

Through TECH PLANTER, we support commercialization of students and researchers' research seeds, so that their technologies will spread more to the society and solve many kinds of social issues. we are seeking collaboration partner who can co-create huge value to technology startup ecosystem with us.

For mutual benefits between University and Industry

TECH PLANTER is for both university and industry. In order to maintain its competitiveness, a company must constantly innovate by, e.g., developing new technologies, new products, new processes, new market. At the same time, universities accumulate extensive know-how, essential in both teaching and research. Our well-trained Science-bridge communicator catalyze the interaction of those two different disciplined entity. We think those different activities of company and industry can often be complementary. Collaborations between university and industry usually lead to mutual benefit.


We promote university – industry collaboration by:

  • helping university and industry to meet; casual discussion, business meeting, pitch.
  • proposing workable solutions. We can help pre-company idea to early, middle stage company to move forward.
  • providing access to our vast knowledge network from academic partners, corporate partners and investors.
  • Education for entrepreneurs how to develop their business (especially with Japanese company)
  • Award money approx. 200,000 yen and travel fee to Japan for winner.
  • Capital funding up to 5,000,000 yen with 5-10% share to grand winner of competitions.


Type of collaborations we encourage are;

  • the creation of a spin-off company based on academic research
  • a joint-research project;