Entry for Malaysia Tech Plan Grand Prix has been extended until Jun 5

Entry for Malaysia Tech Plan Grand Prix has been extended until Jun 5

Great news for those who has been pondering about whether to join the very first Tech Plan Grand Prix to be held at University of Malaya this June 22.

Entry for Malaysian Tech Plan Grand Prix has been extended to Jun 5 Friday. We are looking for passionate young at heart teams with strong passion to bring change to the world with their ideas! So don't wait around any longer, come join us!

We are looking for participants from area of Bio-technology, Agriculture, Food Science, Healthcare etc. If you have business ideas, why not join the event to get valuable feedback from our panel of judges who is experienced in starting up business is various backgrounds.

Our panel of judges include, CEO of Biotechcorp, CEO of Fungrip, President of Leave a Nest Singapore, University of Malaya professor. In addition, representative from Japanese company is likely to join the event as well.

The merit for joining the event include, free trip, business mentoring, and networking. 2 members of winning team will travel to Japan to join the main event as invited presenter. This will give great opportunity for your team to meet teams from Japan and also from Singapore and exchange ideas. On top of that, you will also have a chance to get feedback from VC and corporate representative in Japan.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact.

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