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First TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in UK Successfully conducted!!!

First TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in UK Successfully conducted!!!

Leave a Nest has conducted its first TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in UK on 21st Oct. This event has been conducted in Living Centre, Francis Crick Institute, London.

In this event, from 15 application we have chosen 10 finalists (Where 2 teams drew out so 8 teams presented on the day).  The team that has won the Grand Prize is team”uFraction8” (Theme: Scalable, low energy bioseparation and dewatering).  Apart from Grand Prize we have selected 3 company prizes (For details please look at below). The Grand Winner will be invited to Hyper-Interdisciplinary Conference in Japan (2nd~3rd March 2018) .

For the summary of the finalist place click here.

On the day not only finalists but also Dr. Takeda, Director of Global Bridge Laboratory from Leave a Nest made a presentation on Hyper-Interdisciplinary Conference towards the audience.


Overview of the event

Venue Living Centre, Francis Crick Institute
Date/Time October 21st  2017 13:00-19:00
Organizer Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.


Prize Winner

  1. TECH PLANTER DEMO DAY in UK Grand Winner
  •     Cash Prize: 300,000 Yen、Right to attend Hyper- Interdisciplinary Conference in March 2018
  •     Team: uFraction8
  • Theme: Scalable, low energy bioseparation and dewatering


  1. Mitsui Chemicals Award
  • Team: ThinAirWater
  • Theme: Bio membrane for clean drinking water from the air


3. Glokalink Award

  • Team: LYS Technologies
  • Theme: LYS Technologies senses light and propose the best lighting for yourselves


4. Leave a Nest Award

  • Team: Tangi0
  • Theme: Revolutionize Tactile Control



We look forward in meeting you soon next year in UK again!


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Tech Planter: http://en.techplanter.com/

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