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Tech Plan is back!

Tech Plan is back!

Got a great innovation but not too sure how to take it to the next level? Well Tech Plan is for you!

Calling for all technology based, hardware innovations now.

Submission Deadline : 15th June 2015tech plan poster 3-7-01

Tech Plan Media Press Release:


This project called Tech Planter started last year in Japan, involving 3500 factories at the Sumida district, leading entrepreneurs and professional engineers/specialists, with the main aim to accelerate the manufacturing scene in Asia. Tech Planter looks out for talents/teams with good ideas who has the passion to change the society we live in with their products. All participants, be it winners or not, are considered members of this project and necessary support will be provided for the teams who have the desire to commercialise their technology. Currently, we are looking out for teams mainly from Singapore, Taiwan and Japan at different phase of developing their plans.

Tech Planter Grand Prix Singapore is organised by Leave a Nest in partnership with IDA labs, NTU Institute of Media Innovation, Home-Fix, Gracezone, Focustech ventures and main sponsor IHI. The final pitching event will be held on 25th July at the National Design Centre. The winner of this round will be sponsored to represent Singapore in the Grand Prix Final which will take place in Tokyo, Japan in September 2015. It will be a wonderful opportunity for overseas makers especially from Singapore to meet makers, manufactures and investors in Japan.

For more information about the event, please visit http://en.techplanter.comor contact Andrew ([email protected])



新加坡第三届Tech Plan大奖赛
这个叫做“科技培育计划”(Tech Planter)的活动去年在日本开始举办,秉承着以加速在亚洲的生产力为目标,它吸引了3500个在墨田区的工厂、著名企业家和专业的工程师、专家。“科技培育计划”正在寻找能够用他们的热情和产品来改善我们生活环境的人才及团队。无论成败,任何参加这次活动的成员如果想将他们的项目商业化都会被给予必要的支持。当下,我们主要在寻找新加坡、台湾和日本的正处于不同发展阶段的项目团队。
离百飞公司(Leave a Nest Co., Ltd)正在与资讯通信发展管理局(IDA)实验室、南洋理工大学媒体创新研究所(NTU Institute of Media Innovation)、Home-fix、Gracezone、Focustech ventures等公司合作举办新加坡Tech Plan大奖赛。新加坡部分的总决赛将于7月25日在国家设计中心(National Design Centre)举办。胜利的队伍将会被赞助并代表新加坡参加2015年9月于日本东京举行的大奖赛总决赛。这对于参赛选手将是一个无与伦比的好机会去结识日本的其他的参赛选手,制造商和投资人。

欲知详情请登陆网站http://en.techplanter.com或者电邮Andrew ([email protected])