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CytoMed Therapeutics crowned as the Grand Winner of TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in Singapore 2020

On 22nd August 2020, Leave a Nest conducted the TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in SINGAPORE 2020. The event was held completely online. During this COVID situation, towards “Advancing Science and Technology Towards Global Happiness” it was key for Leave a Nest to continue supporting deep tech researchers and startups around the world who are solving deep issues.

This year, 9 finalists teams and 7 lightning talk speakers were chosen from 38 applications to pitch their core technology, business models and the issues that they are addressing to our panel of judges from our Global partners Leave a Nest Singapore, Mitsui Chemical Singapore R&D Pte. Ltd, Real-Tech Holdings Inc., Sun* Inc.,  Mitsubishi Electric, Glico Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd, Toyo Seikan group Holdings Ltd, as well as our local partners A*ccelerate, Enterprise Singapore, Focus Tech Ventures, Innovate 360 and Yusarn Audrey.

The finalists and lightning talk speakers this time include researchers from universities as well as startups, from various backgrounds such as Bio, Food, Deep, Eco & Med Tech streams.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to judges who have joined us this year and for their feedback, interactions and enthusiasm which was crucial towards making the event a grand success.

Panel of judges TPSG 2020

This year, CytoMed Therapeutics was crowned as the Grand Winner. CytoMed wants to tackle the issue of  lack of infinite starting material for the production of broad-spectrum, high-quality and efficacious cell therapy products for cancer treatment. Their solution employs the use of iPSC as a starting material to generate safe, universal, broad spectrum ” off-the shelf” cell therapy products for treatment of wide variety of cancers.

List of winners:

1. Grand Winner

  • Content: 3000 SGD cash prize, round trip air tickets to Singapore and accommodation for 2 team members, and right to participate in TECH PLANTER SOUTH EAST ASIA FINAL in Singapore 2020
  • Winner: CytoMed Therapeutics Pte Ltd
  • Theme: Cell therapy products for cancer therapy.

2. Leave A Nest Award

  • Content: Right to participate in TECH PLANTER SOUTH EAST ASIA FINAL in Singapore 2020
  • Winner: Hand Plus Robotics
  • Theme: Robotics for unstructured picking in logistics and manufacturing.

3. Mitsui Chemicals Award

  • Content: 2,500SGD cash prize
  • Team: Cellivate Technologies
  • Theme: Accelerating clean meat technologies

4. Mitsubishi Electric Award

  • Content: 2,500SGD cash prize
  • Team: WaveScan Technologies
  • Theme:Non-contact see through imaging scanner for the use in construction, oil & gas industry.

5. Glico Award

  • Content: 2,500SGD cash prize
  • Team: Austrianova
  • Theme: Living cell encapsulation

6. Toyo Seikan Award

  • Content: 2,500SGD cash prize
  • Team: Karana
  • Theme: Plant based meat alternatives

Congratulations to all the winners!

We look forward to the contribution of the winners as well as the finalists in solving real world issues. TPSG will be the last among the last among the 6 countries . The next event will be the TECH PLANTER SOUTH EAST ASIA FINAL in Singapore 2020 on the 28th of November (stay tuned for more updates !)

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