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Novelsys, wireless charging device company from Singapore

Novelsys, wireless charging device company from Singapore

Novelsys is a company that leverages on wireless power transmission technology to solve people needs through innovative products and solutions. Founded in early 2014 by Kenneth, Delane
and Mark, with diverse skillsets in Business, Industrial Design and Electrical Engineering,
they aim to create an eco-system of wireless charging solutions, fi tted to both the consumers and businesses needs.The team’s first development is Ampere, the world’s first wireless charging sleeve. This product allows users to drop in any mobile device to begin charging. It has an integrated smart charging system which will automatically start and stop charging to ensure your device stays recharged to last the day. The combination of design brilliance and technology are intertwined to provide users with massive comparative advantages against current charging solutions, such as Portable power banks and DC outlet wired charging. The Kickstarter campaign will be launched in end 2014.