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Virtual Taste from Singapore won the Yoshino-ya Award at Tech Plan Grand Prix

Taste+ aims to promote a healthier lifestyle by replacing unnecessary amount of condiments in our daily consumption. It overlays virtual taste sensations on food and beverages while eating and drinking and enables people to experience virtual taste sensations while eating and drinking. To achieve this technology, we primarily use weak and controlled electrical pulses on the tip of the tongue (while eating and drinking). The ability of this technology to simulate primary taste sensations such as salty, sour, and bitter has made us able to merge this technology into everyday eating and drinking utensils such as spoon and beverage bottle, thus to augment the taste sensations of food and beverages. In addition to electrical pulses, we change the color of the beverage using a multicolor LED. Users can experience the simulated taste sensation by simply placing their tongue on the silver electrodes embedded in the bottle (mouthpiece) or spoon while consuming food.



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