Tips For Requirement Section at Application Form

Tips For Requirement Section at Application Form

Reason why we asking “Let us know if you have any concerns or need for help.” is to know what kind of support you need. It's not for finding out your team's weakness. So be more confident and be open to disclose your concerns to us.

Example for startup-concerns are listed below;

About Team

– Need Advisor/Specialist for xxxx
– Want to hire an engineer in hardware/electronics/mechatronics/software/etc.
– As I’m a single founder, I need more members as a management team as CFO/COO/CSO.
– We need to scale up sales/engineer/customer support team.

About Prototyping

– Need advice for materials selection / Ceritification / Assembly / Packagings / Logistics / Distribution / Crowdfunding

About Money/Funding

– need $XXX for seed funding to built a prototype of xxxx
– need funding within xxxx month because we are running out of cash

About Business Plan

– we are confident about technology but need advise for business model
– I’m not sure about the thing I should start from.