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Startups share their technical problems, Super Factory realizes it!


Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. and Hamano Products Co., Ltd. have conducted “Super Factory Consulting Session” in Singapore at National Design Centre on 24th July 2016.

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Super Factory meets startups from the world

In total of 8 startups from India, Malaysia and Singapore has gathered up to discuss about the technical problems in product development that each of the startup carry, such as prototyping and material selection.


Through their discussion, we found out that many of the startup’s technical problems were possible to solve through Super Factory’s expertise and knowhow. Now as a next step, Super Factory and startups will consider about the details for the next move which includes collaborations such as order for manufacturing and assembly of prototype.


Simultaneously, we have conducted TECH PLANTER booth operated by COO of Leave a Nest (Dr. Takahashi) and Presidents of Leave a Nest Singapore (Dr. Tokue) and USA (Dr. Takeda). Here Leave a Nest and startups have brainstormed according to startups’ business model to come up with potential collaborators that can be introduced by Leave a Nest’s network. This way they can be directly introduced to possible Japanese collaborators or set a meeting when startups visit Japan.


Leave a Nest aims to further support the collaboration between startups and Super Factories by accelerating their product development and it’s release to the society, hoping that this will solve many issues around the world.

For more information, please contact us:
Shohei Michael Maekawa
Tel: +81-3-5227-4198
Email: [email protected]

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