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Qarbotech Crowned as TECH PLANTER Asia Finals 2021’s GRAND WINNER

Qarbotech Crowned as TECH PLANTER Asia Finals 2021’s GRAND WINNER

On 21st August 2021,  Leave a Nest conducted the TECH PLANTER Asia Final 2021 via Microsoft Teams due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. After all of the six TECH PLANTERS that were conducted for Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore, 12 outstanding winning teams were chosen to participate in the TECH PLANTER Asia Finals 2021. This also helped to strengthen our deep tech ecosystem, Leave a Nest would continue to strive harder in connecting and supporting startups thereby solving global issues one step at a time. 

For this year’s DEMO DAY, 12 teams presented their updates and technology to our global partners from Japan. All of our Japan partners have generously contributed cash prizes in hope to also bring in South-East Asia’s technology into Japan where applicable. Our partners include: Mitsui Chemicals Singapore R&D Centre, Real Tech Holdings, Mitsubishi Electric, Nihon Unisys, ACSL, Mitsui O.S.K Lines and Nippon Shokubai.

We would like to sincerely thank our partners and judges for taking time out of their busy schedules to support us, giving us comments and feedback, this also gives us the opportunity to strive harder and work towards our goal – gathering technology to solve deep issues. Additionally, we would also like to thank the audiences who tuned in to watch our real-time event giving us their support. 

Qarbotech was proudly announced as the GRAND WINNER of TECH PLANTER ASIA Finals 2021 by Dr Ryuta Takeda (Head Judge) from Leave a Nest. Qarbotech aims to improve yields of agriculture thereby benefiting not only the farmers, but also the general public by using their innovative technology. Congratulations Qarbotech! 

Below is a summary of this year’s winners

Grand Winner:

  • Content: 3000 SGD cash prize 
  • Winner: Qarbotech 
  • Theme: Photosynthesis Enhancer 


Mitsui Chemicals Award:

  • Content: 2500 SGD cash prize 
  • Winner: Anihan Technologies
  • Theme: Smart Nanotech-Integrated sensor system for Post-Harvest/Supply Chain Applications


Real Tech Award:

  • Content: 2500 SGD cash prize 
  • Winner: BeeX
  • Theme: Autonomous Assessment of Underwater Structures 


Mitsubishi Electric Award 

  • Content: 2500 SGD cash prize 
  • Winner: Robot3t
  • Theme: Robot & Smart Ecosystem for Industry 4.0


Nihon Unisys BIPROGY Award

  • Content: 2500 SGD cash prize 
  • Winner: Tepbac
  • Theme: High-tech aquaculture platform


ACSL Award 

  • Content: 2500 SGD cash prize 
  • Winner: Qarbotech
  • Theme: Photosynthesis Enhancer


Mitsui O.S.K Lines Award 

  • Content: 2500 SGD cash prize 
  • Winner: Hydroleap
  • Theme: Low-cost, Chemical free water Treatment Solutions for Industrial and Construction Waste Water


Nippon Shokubai Award 

  • Content: 2500 SGD cash prize 
  • Winner: NannoVacZA
  • Theme: Transgenic Microalgae for Fish Oral Vaccination



Congratulations to all the winners! 

We sincerely hope that all the innovative technologies that are being developed will help in solving various deep tech issues!

Stay safe and keep on solving world issues!

To learn more about Tech Planter, kindly visit: https://en.techplanter.com

For more information or any inquiries or concerns, please send an email to Dr Mango Loo at [email protected]