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TECH PLANTER IN Singapore 2023 Finalists Announcement

TECH PLANTER IN Singapore 2023 Finalists Announcement

Leave a Nest working on with the vision of Advanced Science and Technology for Global Happiness. To attain our vision, Leave a Nest working with various programmes. TECH PLANTER is one of our core program towards Global Happiness. TECH PLANTER in Singapore 2023, coming to your with fully physical mode after 2019. TECH PLANTER is a platform that Leave a Nest started back in 2014 to support startups around the world. Leave a Nest is conducting this program in 6 countries across the ASEAN region. Our platform allows support to startups including prototyping support, IP strategy, and investments. Essentially, it is focused in connecting startups to large corporates, especially from Japan. Leave a Nest envisions a future where the deep technology ecosystem grows to be more cohesive and more robust to solve the deep and social issues that we face in today's society.

This year 9 finalist were selected among the 48 teams applied. For TECH PLANTER Singapore 2023, the 9 finalist were grouped into 3 categories of Bio / Med, Deep and Clean / Sustainable. 

Finalists for TECH PLANTER in Singapore 2023


Team Name Theme
IImpacfat Enhance the Taste and Nutrition of Alternative Meat with cultivated fish-fat.
Osteopore Power in natural tissue regeneration.
HEALBAC Novel antimicrobial peptides from differentiating adipose-derived stem cells against chronic wound infection.
Plant2hydrogen Recycling Waste Vegetable Oils into Renewable Hydrogen.
NANOMATICS Maximizing value recovery from waste.
Ailytics Building Smarter with Video Analytics.
Enlipsium High Energy Dosimetry.
Opsis We make sense of Emotions.
KosmodeHealth 3D printing in biomedical applications.

Program Timeline


May 27, 2023 | Time: 13.00- 18.00 (SGT)

Venue: Shaw Foundation Alumni House

12:30 -13:00 Registration    
13:00 – 13:30 Opening Ceremony Opening Remarks
Keynote Speech
Introduction of Judges and Criteria
13:30 -14:20 Presentation Round 1 7 minute Presentation +
5 minute Q&A per team
14:20 -14:30 10-minute break  
14:30 – 15:20 Presentation Round 2 7 minute Presentation +
5minute Q&A per team
15:20 – 15:30 10-minute break  
15:30 – 16:20 Presentation Round 3 7 minute Presentation +
5 minute Q&A per team
16:20 – 17.30 Judging /Lightning Talks/ Poster presentation Judging/ Lightning Talks /Poster Presebtation
17:30 – 18:00 Awards & Closing Ceremony  

For more details, kindly visit our Official TECH PLANTER website

For inquiries, drop us an email at [email protected]