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TECH PLANTER ASIA Finals 2023: Unveiling Visionary Innovation and Boundless Ingenuity

TECH PLANTER ASIA Finals 2023: Unveiling Visionary Innovation and Boundless Ingenuity

Cyberjaya, Malaysia – August 25, 2023 – In an exhilarating showcase of innovation and groundbreaking ideas, the TECH PLANTER ASIA Finals 2023 is set to captivate the world's attention. Twelve exceptional teams of Leave a Nest Award and Grand winners, from a pool of 241 applicants in six distinguished Asian nations, are poised to unleash their visionary concepts, cutting-edge technologies, and unwavering passion.

The momentous event is scheduled to take place at the Aerodyne Campus, located at Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia, on August 26, 2023. Emerging startups and research teams will take centre stage, basking in the limelight as they demonstrate their brilliance and seamless integration within the science and technological ecosystem.

TECH PLANTER ASIA Finals 2023 provides an opportunity for Japanese corporations to explore the immense potential of deep tech startups emerging from Southeast Asia. A distinguished panel of judges from Japan will contribute to the event's vibrancy by sparking creativity and facilitating an electrifying exchange of ideas. The event is poised not only to celebrate innovation but to redefine the very essence of how innovation is fostered.

Program Overview:

  • Date and time: 26th August 2023 (Saturday), 13:00 – 18:00 (MYT)
  • Venue: Aerodyne Campus, Block 3750 Persiaran APEC, Cyber 8, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia
  • Language: English
  • Organiser: Leave a Nest Malaysia

Programme Timeline:

Timing in MYT


13:00 – 13:30

Opening Remark


Presentation Round 1 (Philippines & Indonesia teams)

  • 4 teams (7 Minutes presentation + 5 Minutes Q&A)



14:35 – 15:25

Presentation Round 2 (Singapore & Vietnam teams)

  • 4 teams (7 Minutes presentation + 5 Minutes Q&A)

15:25 – 15:35


15:35 – 16:25

Presentation Round 3 (Malaysia & Thailand teams)

  • 4 teams (7 Minutes presentation + 5 Minutes Q&A)

16:25 – 16:35


16:35 – 17:35

Judging Time

Partner Presentations

Poster Session/Networking

17:35 – 18:00

Award Ceremony

TP Asia finalists:



Theme description



Nanoclay particle film for cacao pods 


Customizable groundwater monitoring system


Archibiotech Indonesia


Habibi Garden

The Future of Agriculture by Habibi Garden



Maximizing value recovery from waste


High Energy Dosimetry



Sand Battery: Sustainable agri drying revolution with GHG reduction, utilizing cutting-edge technology. 


Cost-effective solution for seeding, fertilizing, and spraying rice fields with Shoes, a sliding shoes-like vehicle for efficient farming.



Waste to wealth in 7 days with Black Soldier Flies

My Myracle

Postbiotic-The 5G Biotic



Large-area Flexible Polymer with Antifouling Robust Micro-structure for marine and medical applications

Therapeutic Antibodies

Therapeutic Antibody, the ideal treatment against Dengue virus

With earnest anticipation, the TECH PLANTER ASIA Finals 2023 is expected to witness a convergence of innovative technologies from the vibrant landscapes of Southeast Asia. This harmonious unification aims to pave the path toward resolving pressing global challenges, harnessing the power of creativity, collaboration, and cutting-edge technology.

As the event approaches, participants and attendees alike are reminded of the profound impact that Southeast Asia's ingenuity can have on the world. The brilliance exhibited at the TECH PLANTER ASIA Finals is set to illuminate not only the region but also to extend its radiance across the globe, offering transformative solutions that address some of humanity's most pressing issues. May this event inspire hope, guide progress, and contribute to a brighter, more sustainable, and inclusive future for all.

To learn more about TECH PLANTER, kindly visit: https://en.techplanter.com