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TECH VENTURE Meet up Singapore happening on next Tuesday, 28th Nov. 2023.

TECH VENTURE Meet up Singapore happening on next Tuesday, 28th Nov. 2023.

For the past 10 years, Leave a Nest has been organizing TECH PLANTER Programme in South East Asia to solve deep issues around the region. The community of TECH PLANTER has now reached more than 1370 teams and is expanding. As a continuous support to all Deep-Tech Startups in the region, Leave a Nest organising TECH VENTURE Meetup (TVMU) Singapore 2023 on 28th November at the Meeting Point. The event is organised with 3 sections such as Panel Session, Pitching by Unique technology startups in our ecosystem and tonari tour where showcase our support to new technology startup from Japan. The participants of TECH VENTURE Meetup SG 2023 will have the opportunity to collaborate with Venture Capitals, Corporates, SMEs and researchers. 


Tentative Timeline


Opening Presentation

Ms. Shoko Suzuki, Executive Director and Chief Investment Officer, Real Tech Holdings SG

Shoko joined Real Tech Holdings Singapore in 2023 as Chief Investment Officer. She has over 15 years of investment experience both in public and private equities, initially focused on pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life sciences, and later covered technology sector. Prior to joining Real Tech Holdings, she co-founded a climate tech startup, scaled and managed the exit, also held a C-level position at FTSE 100 company in charge of developing and implementing sustainable innovation at large scale. Shoko has a bachelor’s degree in General Systems Studies from the University of Tokyo, an MBA from INSEAD and a master’s degree in Corporate Finance from SDA Bocconi.


Panel session

Theme: Global Market Expansion: Unlocking Opportunities in Pursuit of the Perfect Fit


Mr. Nakanishi Takuya, First secretary in charge of trade, industry and technology, Embassy of JAPAN in Singapore

Nakanishi Takuya is First Secretary, Embassy of Japan in Singapore, in charge of Trade, Industry and Technology including Startups. He is committed to deepen the relationship between Singapore and Japan in terms of the industry sector. In his previous years, he worked for METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).



Mr. WANG Weiliang, Deputy Director, Global Innovation Network, Enterprise Singapore

Weiliang is the Deputy Director of the Global Innovation Network Division in Enterprise Singapore (EnterpriseSG). He oversees part of the Global Innovation Alliance (GIA) initiative anchored by EnterpriseSG, which aims to facilitate the two-way flow of startups and innovation partnerships between Singapore and innovation hubs in the United States, India, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, and South Africa, by the means of acceleration programmes as well as co-innovation programmes.


Ms. Beth Henderson, Singapore Lead, Startupbootcamp

Beth has been working with startups since 2015 spanning roles in corporate innovation, product management, startup accelerators and as a startup founder herself. She currently leads Startupbootcamp's Singapore office, running several programmes to accelerate local climate-tech startups and facilitate corporate collaborations. She is the Programme Director for the GIA Netherlands Programme, helping Singaporean companies expand into Europe via the Netherlands, and is a Global Lead for the Shell StartUp Engine, which supports startups developing solutions across all domains of the energy transition. Beth is a tech and sustainability enthusiast, with a Bachelor of Environmental Politics from the University of Melbourne.


Dr. Ravikrishna Ramanujam, Frontier Development Division, Leave a Nest Singapore Pte. Ltd

Ravikrishna Ramanujam (Ravi), is in the frontier Development Division in Leave a Nest Singapore. He obtained his his Ph.D (Life Sciences) from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. In Leave a Nest he is involved in DEEP-TECH startup scouting, market expansion, entrepreneurship support & impact investing. He is also passionate about knowledge creation and encouraging the younger generation about applying science & technology for community development & towards alleviating real-world problems.



Pitching Session



SunGreenH2 is transforming green hydrogen production by building the world's highest performance electrolysers using our platform technology to incorporate proprietary advanced nanostructured materials into electrolyser components. SunGreenH2 manufactures core components for electrolyser cells, stacks and systems, enabling our customers to produce affordable green hydrogen. Electrolysers made with our materials increase production and decrease energy consumption without using expensive platinum group metals.


VFlowTech is a Singapore-based energy storage solutions provider manufacturing low-cost and efficient modular vanadium redox flow batteries. VFlowTech’s long-term vision is to drive the world towards energy equity where everyone can access clean energy at affordable pricing. With an energy storage solution that has an expected life span of 25 years, VFlowTech has one of the safest and most environmentally friendly battery technologies.



At CRUST Group, we're passionate food waste fighters driving a more circular food movement. We upcycle food waste and loss into unique beverages and products for our food service and retail partners.



Equatorial Space develops hybrid-engine rockets and space launch services and was founded in 2017 in Singapore, with the goal to develop low-cost, safe and eco-friendly space launch vehicles.



AUSTRIANOVA is a cutting edge Biotech company based in Singapore embracing leading world quality standards for the production of cell-based products. Its Quality System is German made and data is stored in duplicate sites in Switzerland and equipment is custom made by leading German and US manufacturers. Its expertise and technologies are backed up by more than 50 international peer reviewed publications, as well as by contracts from leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies. We are experts in Cell Biology, GMP-grade Cell Products and Encapsulation of Living Cells.



Osteopore are the global leaders in regenerative solutions. Its bioresorbable implant is the first of its kind to be successfully developed and commercialized for surgical use. Osteopore's unique implants heal bone naturally. They are made of a bioresorbable polymer that dissolves over time, leaving only natural, healthy bone. This reduces post-surgery complication rates significantly, compared to permanent implants. Our products are trusted and used by surgeons across Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Americas.



Craft Health is a Southeast Asia first and only 3D printing company for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals and it offer customized solutions to Drug Delivery, whether nutraceuticals  or pharmaceuticals, offering an end-to-end approach from research & development to manufacturing



NDR Medical Technology developed the patented Automated Needle Targeting system(ANT) that can facilitate safe and accurate needle punctures to the organs such as lungs, kidney, pancreas and spine. Integrating AI and robotics, we pioneer image guided robotic procedures with improved accuracy, precision and safety for the patients.



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