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Tech Planter Vietnam 2024: Finalist Announcement

Tech Planter Vietnam 2024: Finalist Announcement

The wait is over! After a rigorous selection process, TECH PLANTER in Vietnam 2024 proudly announces the 9 innovative finalists who will compete at our highly anticipated Tech Planter Demo Day. These budding Vietnamese startups represent the future, tackling local issues with groundbreaking technological solutions.

TECH PLANTER, organised by Leave a Nest, is a one-of-a-kind program that nurtures deep tech startups. We provide essential support – from mentorship to fundraising opportunities – to allow these promising startups and empower them to flourish.


Finalists Teams

Team Name Theme
ARAR JSC Integrating AI chat box into the queue system of public administration
Hi-Tech Agriculture Using LED light and IoT for closed agriculture
Anolett Natural-based medicine derived from lettuce as a safe and effective solution for malaria treatment
RomlX Rapid and accurate cervical evaluation via computer vision, photogrammetry, and artificial intelligence
WeavAir Digital twin powered by satellite hyperspectral imagery, drone imagery and field sensors
Wesolife System to generate directly chlorine from seawater by applying electrochemistry
OpBre-AI Timely and accurate detection and classification of breast cancer to enable early screening and treatment
Circular economy for pig farm Hydrolysis of pig waste to produce organic foliar fertiliser to supply for plant growth
BioInsulate Using agriculture by-product to produce a thermal insulating plate


Finalists for TECH PLANTER in Vietnam 2024's presentation will be accessed by a prestigious judging panel, meticulously chosen for their diverse expertise and proven track record. Vietnamese representatives, deeply entrenched in the local market, will provide invaluable insights into cultural nuances and specific needs. Esteemed R&D experts will delve into the technical aspects of each innovation, ensuring its feasibility and potential for real-world impact. This diverse group of distinguished judges is more than just an evaluation panel; they are a gateway to valuable mentorship and connections that can propel finalists towards achieving their entrepreneurial dreams.


For any inquiries about TECH PLAN Demo Day in Vietnam 2024, please contact info-asia@(at)lne.st or Ayappa ([email protected]).