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DaStrong, Cooling technology company from Taiwan

DaStrong, Cooling technology company from Taiwan

DaStrong will change the world with innovative cooling system using piezoelectricity. DaStrong focus on UltraWind, an Earth-Friendly cooling technology. Now, UltraWind has great chance to occupy a leading position in electronic cooling market by replacing conventional rotational fan.

DaStrong team is comprised of 2 members, Chun-lin Liu and Hsien-Chin Su. Chun-lin. Team leader Chun-lin Liu graduated from National Taiwan University with Master degree in Mechanical Engineering. Once the company is established, he will be the CEO for the company. He has good experience in cooperating with industries and companies in the field. Hsien-Chin Su obtained his PhD degree from National Taiwan University in Mechanical Engineering. He was doing his post-doc at Purdue University in cooling technology research. His expertise is in piezoelectric application and electronics cooling designs. He will be the CTO once a company is established.

They become a first winner of Tech Plan Grand Prix Taiwan. They joined 2nd Tech Plan Grand Prix at Tokyo and win a special prize.