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TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in SINGAPORE was enthusiastically received by Singaporean Startup community!

TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in SINGAPORE was enthusiastically received by Singaporean Startup community!

Leave a Nest Co. Ltd. hosted TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in Singapore on July 23rd, 2016 at IDA Labs.

In the event, selected twelve startups and pre-startups (teams) from 4 asia pacific countries presented their business plan. In total three winners were selected (Deep-tech field. Bio-tech field, and Agri-tech field), and four corporate awards were provided from the judges. This event had success in recruiting 11 prestigious and diverse judges composed of managers in Japanese companies, Singapore companies, universities, and VC. The winners will be invited to Japan final rounds held in September.


Winner in Deep-tech: Sensornomics (A miniaturized flow sensor platform inspired by biology)


Winner in Bio-tech: Adigenics (Adipose stem cell technology and platform for cell banking)


Winner in Agri-tech: NamZ (Novel process and products to make earth natural affordable to all)


Mitsui Chemicals Award: eDNAnalyzer (Rapid and accurate diagnostic system based on DNA semiconductor sensor)

JT Award: Flexsense (Unique flexible pressure sensor for telerehabilitation solution)

Rohto Award: Inspirate Medical (Personalized CPAP masks for sleep apnea sufferers)

Leave a Nest Singapore Award: WateROAM (Simple, portable, durable and affordable water filtration system)

TECH PLAN DEMO DAY brief summary is here

This event was supported by  Mitsui Chemicals, Inc、Japan Tobacco Inc、ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd, IHI ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD, and IDA Labs.

■About Tech Planter Asia Pacific

TECH PLANTER is a seed acceleration program started in Japan. The program is supporting over 40 companies in the early seed stage in hardware, biotech, and agricultural technology, providing services from mentoring to business planning and fundraising. In 2016, we expand our activity in asia pacific area much more than the last year. As a result, In asia pacific area, more than 100 teams have been applied to our program in 2016, and the number increases still. We work with universities, corporates, and VCs to help find and accelerate startups in more unique spheres of tech.

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Tech Planter  http://en.techplanter.com/


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Attention to Ryuta Takeda in Global Platform Development Division.