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Valetude Primus Healthcare won the first prize! – the very first TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in India

Valetude Primus Healthcare won the first prize! – the very first TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in India

The first TECH PLANTER in INDIA has attracted total of 29 entries. Throughout 3 stages of screening, 9 finalist teams has been selected (For details on finalist teams, see leaflet section). Finalists were all full of passion and has shown their fine technology. This year, majority of the finalists were from biotech field (7 teams from biotech field and 2 teams from hardware field). This event has become a huge success, by providing an opportunity for both participating teams and partner companies to drive their innovation. There were total of 5 prize winning teams (For details please see Prize Winners) and the Grand Winner of TECH PLANTER in INDIA will have the chance to fly to Singapore to participate in Singapore round with winners from other Asia Pacific rounds.



Title TECH PLANTER in India 2016
Venue IIT Delhi , IRD Conference Room (located in the top floor of main administrative building)

Address:Hauz Khas、New Delhi, Delhi 110016、India

Date/Time 24 Apr 2016 14:00-20:00
Organizer Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.
Partner Companies ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. / Mitsui Chemicals Inc. / Japan Tobacco Inc.


Prize Winners

  1. Grand Winner fro TECH PLANTER in INDIA
  • Content: 200,000 JPY and Right to participate in TECH PLANTER in SG
  • Team: Valetude Primus Healthcare
  • Presenter’s Name: Mr. Saurabh Singh

  1. ROHTO 1st Award
  • Content: 200,000 JPY
  • Team: SILKOSS
  • Presenter’s Name: Ms. Swati Midha

  1. ROHTO 2nd Award
  • Content: Certificate
  • Team 1: Heal-O-Silk
  • Presenter’s Name: Mr. Sumit Murab

  • Team 2: SphinX
  • Presenter’s Name: Mr. Pranav Chopra

  1. Leave a Nest Award
  • Content: Invitation to Super Factory or BioCluster tour
  • Team: Novo Informatics
  • Presenter’s Name: Mr. Avinash Mishra