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TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in India will be held Today – The beginning of TECH PLANTER World Tour in 2017-

TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in India will be held Today  – The beginning of TECH PLANTER World Tour in 2017-

Here comes the first TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in 2017!!

Leave a Nest Co. Ltd. will host TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in India on April 29th, 2017 at University of Delhi, North Campus in New Delhi. This Demo Day series is the show case of very early stage deep technology startups & pre-startups.

Twelve selected teams will give presentations about their business ideas based on their own technology. The teams have worked on their ideas and presentation with mentors from Leave a Nest.

In this event, teams from universities such as IIT Delhi, University of Delhi, IIT Bombay, and University of Mumbai and individual startup will be the presenters. All participating teams are as follows:

  1.    Continuous biomanufacturing: Continuous processing of biopharmaceutics
  3.   3D Labscar: Tissue on plate for drug screening
  4.   IITD CBME_Deepak: Sensory feedback system for amputee
  5.   FibTor: 3D multi-scale fibers based cell bioreactor
  6.   NanoApp: One step fabrication of antimicrobial fabrics studded with AgNPs for healthcare.
  7.   SilicateLab: Bio-materials for bone reconstruction and fixation
  9.   Fungi Cure: The intrinsic biological-controller of archival degradation
  10.   Sniper: A novel device for locomotion classification using force myography for amputees
  11.   Biotherapeutic Formula Development: Room Temperature Stable Formulation for Biotech Therapeutic Products
  12.   Transpact: The Vestibulator is “Pacemaker” for the Vestibular System

This event was supported by ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., 91 Spring Board, and Cluster of Innovation Center in University of Delhi.


■About TECH PLANTER Asia Pacific
TECH PLANTER is a unique seed acceleration program for REAL TECH (generally called as deep tech) startups. Since 2014, we’ve supported more than 70 early stage teams in Japan. And as a result, ca. 50 mil USD fund raising our teams were given from various sources including VCs, national grants, and etc.
In Asia Pacific countries such as in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, India, Thailand, and the Philippines, more than 200 teams applied to our program in 2016. The combination of academic researchers, business ideas, and big companies’ partners from Japan, provides one and only community where scientists & technologists can explore the business field. The program also provides the show case event of each team’s idea to our partner companies from Japan.

     Tech Planter is currently traveling the world, and will be in Malaysia on May 13th, in the Philippines on May 27th, in Thailand on June 3rd. The winner from these rounds will be invited to join the Asia Pacific Final in Singapore on July 29th .