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The Grand Winner of TECH PLAN DEMO DAY was awarded to team “NanoApp”

The second TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in India ends with huge success!

   Leave a Nest successfully conducted TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in INDIA 2017 on April 29th. This is the 2nd time of our opening the DEMO DAY in India.

   In this event, 12 finalists selected from 30 applicants presented their projects. As a result, team “NanoApp” won the Grand Winner for their plan, one step fabrication of antimicrobial coat studded with AgNPs. In addition to the Grand Winner, four more prizes were given by the judges (For details please see below). The winner will be invited to DEMO DAY in  Singapore held in July 29th.

   Leave a Nest is going to continuously support not only prize winners and finalists but all TECH PLANTER members so they can accelerate their projects.

For details of 12 finalists  please access to this article.

 The event opened with keynote speech from Dr. Lekh Juneja, Vice President of Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Also, Dr. Swati Midha from Team “SILKOSS”, one of the last year’s finalist teams presented their progress to cheer up the finalists.


Title TECH PLANTER DEMO DAY in India 2017
Venue University of Delhi, North Campus, Cluster Innovation Centre
Date/Time April 29th 2017 14:00-19:30
Organizer Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.

Prize Winners

  1. Grand Winner for TECH PLANTER DEMO DAY in INDIA
  •       Content: 200,000 JPY and right to participate in TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in SG
  •       Team: NanoApp
  •       Theme: One step fabrication of antimicrobial fabrics studded with AgNPs for healthcare.

  1. Rohto First Award
  •       Team: 3D Labscar
  •       Theme: Tissue on plate for drug screening

  1. Rohto Second Award
  •       Theme: Automatic diagnosis for eye diseases using fundus images

  1. 91springboard Award
  •       Content: Right for incubation at 91springboard
  •       Theme: Automatic diagnosis for eye diseases using fundus images

  1. Leave a Nest Award
  •       Team: Sniper
  •       Theme: A novel device for locomotion classification using force myography for amputees


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