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TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in India: Encouraging message arrives from last year’s finalist

In the opening remark of 2nd TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in India (conducted on April 29th 2017), one of last year’s finalist, Dr. Swati from team SILKOSS has sent us an encouraging message. The content of the message was covering about the progress of team SILKOSS since last year, message for this year’s participants and their thoughts towards TECH PLANTER.

About team SILKOSS

Representative: Dr. Swati
IIT Delhi based startup. Participated as a finalist in 1st TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in India. The theme was novel treatment method for damaged bone using 3D bio printing and CT scan. Use of silk protein and bioglass increases the strength but also simulating a similar characteristic as original bone.

SILKOSS has won a Rohto 1st Award in the DEMO DAY. Now their project has proceeded to clinical trial stage and gained research funding from the Indian government.


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